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Examination Committee for Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture

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Examination Committee:

Chair:Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Vice chair:Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller
Members: Dr. Anke Bartels (staff)
Lina Fricke (student)
Office:Frau Peggy Audörsch / Frau Simone Heinze
Office hours:Check the office hours for each committee member (click here )

  Contact Persons (sorted alphabetically):

Please search the table below to find the person to contact for your specific concern. Please allow for extra time (generally, four weeks) for the examination committee to deal with your concerns.

Your concern



Academic Advising

For questions regarding your studies, you can contact your teachers in the program. For formal questions, please contact the examination committee.

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller
Dr. Anke Bartels

(BAfÖG etc.)

Please contact the examination committee chair regarding certification/the signing of documents relevant for your course of study.

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller

Contesting a Grade (Widersprüche)

  1. Before contesting the grade, check your paper for possible mistakes.
  2. Talk to the professor whose grading you contest.
  3. If you still feel the grade is incorrect, write the Widerspruch explaining your objection. Please note that you need to prove “Bewertungsfehler,” i.e., mistakes in the assigning of points, etc. (click here to see example)

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein

Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller

Extension, see Thesis


Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller


 See "Signing up for Modules and Portfolio exams in PULS"


A Nachteilsausgleich has the aim of preventing drawbacks in the course of studies and examinations for students with disabilities or health issues or students providing care for a close family member, such as a small child or a sick parent. For more information in German click here www.uni-potsdam.de/studium/konkret/pruefungsorganisation/nachteilsausgleiche.html

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller

Portfolio exams

 See "Signing up for Modules and Portfolio exams in PULS"



 See "Signing up for Modules and Portfolio exams in PULS"


Record of Studies (Leistungsübersicht)

 See "Signing up for Modules and Portfolio exams in PULS"


Signing up for Modules and Portfolio exams in PULS

For a detailed explanation of modules, portfolio exams and registering/keeping track of your grades in PULS and via our record of studies (Leistungsübersicht), please click here.

Dr. Anke Bartels

Signing up for thesis exam, see Thesis



Studying abroad, see Transfer of credits



extension (non-medical reasons)

The registration form (click here) must first be signed by your first and second examiners. Please enter the language in which the thesis is to be written. In addition, it must be signed by the committee chair/vice chair of the examination committee. Once you have received all signatures, you have a week to hand in the form at the Prüfungsamt. You can obtain the signature of the committee chair during office hours or leave the form to be signed at the secretary’s office.

The examination committee can also grant an extension of your submission deadline for specific academic reasons. This extension must be requested in writing before the expiration of the deadline. See also here.

If you cannot meet the deadline because of health issues, please contact the Prüfungsamt directly and submit to them a doctor’s certificate as specified by the Prüfungsamt.

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller

Transfer of credits (general)

Please use the appropriate form for your major (click here) and add all relevant documents (transcripts, course and module descriptions, term papers or exams). The application for a transfer of credits should be handed in to the examination committee and, upon receiving the signature of the chair, must be submitted by the student to the Prüfungsamt.

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller
Dr. Anke Bartels

Transfer of credits from studies abroad (for students of the University of Potsdam)

Credits received by students of Anglophone Modernities during their semester abroad can be transferred to their Potsdam grade record. You will need the appropriate form (click here) and, ideally, a complete set of the documents (transcripts, course and module descriptions, term papers or exams).

Please bring the documents for the courses you would like to transfer to any teacher responsible for given modules/areas (Academic English, British Studies, American Studies, Postcolonial Literature and Culture). The person responsible for the module/area will check the courses for their field and sign for the respective course. Please submit the finished list for the final signature to the examination committee or get the signature directly during committee chair’s office hours. Before your study period abroad, we recommend that you coordinate your planned course of studies with your Potsdam advisors (learning agreement).

Final signature:

Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller

    Signing Up for Modules and Portfolio Exams in PULS

Dear all,

You will definitely have noticed that we are now also part of PULS. While this might be a blessing for some, it doesn’t necessarily do the trick of keeping track of all your grades. As the Master of Anglophone Modernities and Cultures includes quite a number of so-called “Portfolioprüfungen” (exams which consist of more than one part), it is more important than ever that you use our “Leistungsübersicht” (our form to record all your grades which you find at www.uni-potsdam.de/de/anglistik/studium/formulare.html) and have your instructors sign and stamp your grade in the appropriate space provided.
To make life a bit easier for you, we will explain what you have to do for every single module.

Module EAM
You have to register for the Introduction to Anglophone Modernities via PULS at the beginning of the semester but then you can forget about this module because your grade will automatically appear in PULS after you have passed the final written exam.

Module LKM/LM/KM
These modules are a bit more complicated. You have to take part in two seminars for each module (2 in LKM, 2 in LM, 2 in KM). When you register at the beginning of the semester, please make sure that you do so for the right module because it is nearly impossible to switch to another module once you are enrolled. It is also important not to take more than two seminars in each module because they cannot and will not be entered into PULS. Unfortunately, PULS will only show whether you have passed the seminar or not (benotet/unbenotet) so you will have to keep track of the grade yourself. This works as follows:
In each of the two courses, you will be asked to submit a short written paper (1000 words) during the course and to write a long term paper (5000 words) usually after the course. You must ensure that the lecturers who grade these four papers enter them into your “Leistungsübersicht” and sign them off. Please hand in a copy of the “Leistungsübersicht” for the course at the end of the semester AND whenever you hand in a module paper, and remember to pick up the signed form once your paper has been graded. It is fine to work with several copies of the form – just make sure that you collect them all and keep track of your progress.
When you have collected all four grades that are needed to complete a module (and only then!), you will register for the “Portfolioprüfung” (if the registration in PULS requires that you choose a person to register with, please choose Anke Bartels). You will then present your “Leistungsübersicht” for this module to Anke Bartels. She will confirm your exam registration in PULS, and enter the mean grade (long term papers count twice as much as short papers) into the PULS system. The “Portfolioprüfungen” for the different modules can (and most probably will), of course, take place in different semesters.

Module SÜ
For the modul SÜ, the procedure is slightly different. You register for all four courses on PULS and after the end of the semester PULS will show whether you have passed or not. The individual grades will only make an appearance on your personal “Leistungsübersicht” once you have collected them, so please don’t forget to do so! After you have finished your fourth course (and only then), you will have to register for the “Portfolioprüfung” in “Sprachpraxis”. Please let Anke Bartels know that you have finished the fourth course and have registered so that she can admit you and enter the final grade for the “Portfolioprüfung”.

Module P
Please register for this module once you hand in the report about your work experience. Lars Eckstein will sign your “Leistungsübersicht” and enter “erbracht” (done) in PULS.

Module IFA
Please register for this module once you hand your written paper in. You will be admitted and Dirk Wiemann will enter the grade once he has finished reading your paper. You don’t need to do anything more about this module.

Module FK
In this module, which contains the research seminars, you register for all three seminars individually on PULS and PULS will tell you whether you have passed or not. The actual grades are for you to collect on your “Leistungsübersicht”. After you have finished the third seminar, you will have to register for the “Portfolioprüfung” (if the registration in PULS requires that you choose a person to register with, please choose Anke Bartels) and tell Anke Bartels, who will admit you. The grade will then be entered by means of determining it from the assembled grades in your “Leistungsübersicht”.

General remark: If you are finding it hard to keep track of the courses you registered for or have already taken, or if you are not sure whether you still need a certain course type, please check the exam numbers (“Prüfungsnummern”) for each class type on your “Leistungsübersicht.” They match the “Prüfungsnummern” that you see in the PULS-list of seminars you have taken (“PULS-Notenübersicht”). When registering for a new class on PULS, this number should also appear once you have clicked on the class you are planning to take. If you have trouble locating this information, please feel free to speak to Mathias Marschke at the Prüfungsamt, who can explain this to you in more detail.
For the summer semester, you need to have your class registration via PULS completed latest by May 20th. For the winter semester, the final date is November 20th. Please contact Anke Bartels, Lars Eckstein or Nicole Waller immediately if you haven’t managed to complete your registration by this date.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Best of luck!