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Writing seminar/module papers and BA/MA theses

Seminar/module papers in English linguistics must be submitted 4 weeks before you need their grade, BA and MA theses at least 6 weeks. Hence, you need to contact your supervisor and attend their consultations much earlier than this. Please read the Prüfungsamt's step-by-step description of the process of Themenvergabe, Anmeldung, Abgabe and Begutachtung carefully before you start planning your individual BA/MA-thesis project.

Please read through the following guidelines carefully before you start writing your seminar/module paper or your BA/MA thesis with any one of us:

1. Style sheet (citation and formatting guidelines)

2. A short guide to course/term papers (Hausarbeiten)

3. Sample title page

4. Research paper (template)

5. General Plagiarism Guidelines of our Department

6. Declaration on plagiarism (Plagiatserklärung)