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Ongoing Dissertation Projects

Name: María Paulina Rivera Chávez

Title: How ideas travel: Mexico’s Feminist Foreign Policy as part of a hegemonic global project

First Supversior: Marcia C. Schenck

Second Supervisor: Sérgio Costa 

within the framework of the Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms


Name: Tom Drechsel

Title: The fight for agency and residence of mozambican contract workers in the reunified Berlin from 1989/90-1997

First  advisor: Prof. Dr. Annette Weinke

Second  advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcia Schenck

Name: Anna La Grange

Title:  The manifestation of a South African military culture of violence within the Union Defence Force, 1914-1945

First advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcia Schenck

Name: Jan-Niklas Kniewel

Title: The Politics of International Wildlife Conservation in Africa, c.1960-2003

First advisor: Prof. Dr. Christof Dejung

Second advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcia C. Schenck

Name: Saskia Köbschall

Title:Colonial Entanglements: Nudism and the Making of the Modern (white) Body  

Supervision: Co-Supervision with Regina Römhild (HU), Francis Nyamnjoh (UCT) through the graduate school cohort Minor Cosmopolitanisms


Name: Nnenna Onuoha

Title: Monumental Silences: Postcolonial Memorial Culture in Berlin

Co-supervision: Prof. Dr. Marcia Schenck

Name: Ellen Vera Nicole Pupeter

Title: „Neue Kulturelle Weltordnung“? Die Restitution von Kulturgütern im Kontext der Dekolonisierung, ca. 1970-1990

Co-supervision: Prof. Dr. Marcia Schenck

Name: Louise Thatcher

Title: Spaces of bordering along the shipping routes between Bremen and Australia across the late 19th and early 20th centuries 

First advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcia Schenck

Name: Johanna Marie Wetzel

Title: (Mis)understanding the Young – Youth and Political Subjectivity in Maputo, Mozambique

Co-supervision: Prof. Dr. Marcia Schenck