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Dr. Nedal Haj Darwich


Dr. Nedal Haj Darwich

Former Lecturer, Professorship for Global History


Am Neuen Palais


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office hours by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Received his PhD in Oriental Archaeology on “Gods and Composite Creatures in Syria and West Mesopotamia in the Early Bronze Age” from Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. He worked as lecturer at the University of Alfurat (Syria) and University of Sulaimani (Iraqi Kurdistan). He participated in numerous archaeological excavations in Germany, Syria, and Iraqi Kurdistan. He did a Postdoc at Warburg Institute, London in 2017-2019 on Hybrid beings in the Glyptic of Syria, upper Mesopotamia, and Assyria in the Late Bronze Age (1600-1200 BC). He has published several articles and books, most recent of these, Studies in the archaeology of Media and Upper Mesopotamia (In Arabic), Damascus, Damascus, 2020; Ḫurrian Urkesh Kingdom (Tell Mozan), Historical Cultural Study (In Arabic), Qamishli, 2017; and Götter und Mischwesen in Syrien und Westmesopotamien in der Frühbronzezeit, Gladbeck, 2010.