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Candidates for the elections (Febuary 6th to 8th 2024)

We are excited to present: This year’s candidates for the upcoming FSR elections! As you can see, there are a lot of new faces, which we are so happy about!

Elections will be held from the 6th to the 8th of February from 9:30 to 12:30 in house 19. There, you can vote for up to 13 candidates. (Unfortunately, this means that one of our 14 candidates won’t become an official member. However, they will still be able to participate as an unofficial member and help out with anything FSR-related)

So come by to meet us next week and enjoy a free waffle :)

1. Sophie Arndt, she/her, Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt
2. Alexandra Buhrke, she/her, Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt
3. Linda Bullert, she/her, Englisch & Kunst Lehramt
4. Karo Gosdschan, they/them, Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt
5. Lara Jüngling, she/her, Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt
6. Mariam Khan, Englisch & Informatik Lehramt
7. Marvin Lebek, Englisch & Mathe Lehramt
8. Max Lück, Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt
9. Phil Marticke, he/him, Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt
10. Anna Nguyen, she/her, Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt
11. Lou Pascal Tobian, he/him, Englisch & Politische Bildung Lehramt
12. Kathi Reymann, she/her, Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt
13. Franziska Stein, she/her, Englisch & LER Lehramt
14. Gabriel Wiesner, Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt


Current members

sorted by how long they have been in the FSR

Lara Jüngling (she/her)

Lehramt Sekundarstufe I Master Englisch/ LER 5. Semester

I joined our student council after one of my friends asked me if I would be up for organising some events for our English students. Up until that point, there had not been any events for the English students by the council since I had started studying (it has been a while), so my motivation was high

    Karo Gosdschan (they/them)

    Lehramt Bachelor Englisch/ Deutsch 7. Semester

    I joined the Student Council in my second semester because I love helping other people and organizing events for them. I am looking forward to organizing some quizzes, board game nights, or open mics for y’all :).

      Sophie Arndt (she/her)

      Lehramt Sekundarstufen Bachelor Englisch/ Deutsch 7. Semester

      I have joined the student council two years ago to gain closer insights into uni life and to organize fun events for you. I am always happy to assist you with your problems and concerns!

        Anna Nghi Man Nguyen (she/her)

        Lehramt Sekundarstufen Bachelor Englisch/ Geschichte 7. Semester

        Motivated simply by my outgoing nature I joined. It's important to me that we students connect, and helping plan those opportunities for us to come together is what made me initailly join the council. I believe that we leave with something new and uplifting every time we've been together!