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Work Groups

The network supports thematic work groups with the aim of establishing Digital Humanities at the research site of Potsdam in all it‘s amplitude with regards to methodology and content.

So far, the following work groups are in progress:

  • »Corpora at the University of Potsdam«
  • »Lecture Series DH« »Handwriting Recognition«
  • »DigitalPictureComparison«
  • »TransgenericNetworkAnalysisofliteraryTexts«
  • »Visual Exploration of Cultural Collections«
  • »Maps and Mapping«
  • »DH and Teaching«

Definition of work groups: Coalition of at least three people Have joint goal, for instance developing a project, elaborating statements, planing and realising a network event (seminar, talk, workshops), etc. Work groups receive a budget, e.g. for travel and overnight costs or for wages.