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The 'Vreiraum' project (UP-internal network) starts on September 1st, 2022

Virtual and augmented reality scenarios are increasingly being used in teacher training at the University of Potsdam to develop subject-specific skills in dealing with VR and AR in students. The Vreiraum project brings together the activities of six different subjects in an interdisciplinary makerspace. On the one hand, two VR laboratories are available for this purpose, and on the other hand, the VReiraum Makerspace is primarily characterized by knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary exchange. Because the courses are intertwined in such a way that students can collaborate across disciplines and access the research expertise and advice of all lecturers. In this way, the prospective teachers independently develop virtual learning worlds under professional guidance and test them in school practice. At the end of the winter semester, the format of the makerspace will be evaluated and adapted for the summer semester. The project concludes with a BarCamp, in which the students' products and the project findings are discussed with all interested parties.
The aim of the project is to use iterative, qualitative research approaches to extract the conditions for success for the use of VR/AR in university teacher training and to evaluate the makerspace format as an innovative teaching format.
Sponsor: Foundation "Innovation in der Hochschule"


Online editorial

Tim Richter