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September 29th and 30th, 2022 : Workshop Hochschule 2032

As part of the GI annual conference , the Hochschule workshop 2032 will be organized on September 29 and September 30, 2022 by program chairs from the Institute for Computer Science and Computational Science at the University of Potsdam, among others.

Digitization and its implications and design potential are of great relevance in the discourse and practice of university development. Digital technologies are seen as enablers and catalysts of innovation processes, which are always both revolutionary and evolutionary. In the workshop, new design options for the university of the future will be developed over a period of 10 years. The models, methods or prototypes developed through constructive research designs are discussed and further developed from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. Empirical papers that document relevant developments and contribute to their understanding are also welcome. We address both research, studies/teaching and transfer as primary fields of action of the universities as well as supporting administrative processes.