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Field sites of Cosmic Sense

Map of Germany with the locations of the four field sites marquardt close to Potsdam, Selke close to Halle, Fendt close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Wüstebach close to Jülich | Figure: Lisa Angermann
Picture: Lisa Angermann

The Joint Field Campaigns (JFCs) are a key element of the research concept and serve as a focal point for highly-interconnected and simultaneous measurements of water distribution at the land surface (including vegetation) in a sub-regional area or catchment. All Cosmic Sense research modules are engaged in and contribute to the joint field campaigns. The JFCs take place in different land-use settings using the infrastructure of highly instrumented TERENO sites.

Besides these large-scale Joint Field Campaigns, field measurements are carried out on a smaller scale but over a longer period of time, like the long-term field measurements in Marquardt.