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Welcome to the official Cognitive Systems Student Council website!

The Cognitive Systems FSR (FSR stands for "Fachschaftsrat", the German word for "student council") is the voice of the students studying in the M.Sc Cognitive Systems program, consisting of up to 13 members elected from among current CogSys students. We represent the students in Cognitive Systems in several larger student organizations:

  • VeFa (Versammlung der Fachschaften), the assembly of all student councils of the University of Potsdam
  • StuKo (Studienkommission), the study commission for improvement and advancement of the study regulations
  • StuPa (Studierendenparlament der Universität Potsdam), Uni Potsdam's student parliament
  • AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss), which represent students’ political interests to the university and state politicians, as well as providing resources for other student organizations

Apart from representing your interests in these organizations, we also organize events and parties to bring members of the program together and get them away from their computers. Alongside committee work, we want to help you wherever we can - for instance, by supporting your project or giving you advice in study affairs. We're here to support and advocate for CogSys students, so if you're struggling with something or just need some advice, we're always here to help.

Our office is in the basement of House 14 in Golm campus, and we hold office hours there by appointment. It also can be used for student gatherings and events upon request. There are monthly FSR meetings as well, and all CogSys students are cordially invited to join to provide input and stay informed of our current plans.