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Become a student assistant (WHK) with UPtransition

As part of the UPtransition qualification program, you can gain valuable practical experience at the University of Potsdam. Each semester, around 10 participants in the program will be employed as student assistants (WHKs) at chairs or university institutions for a maximum of one year. Working as a WHK offers you the opportunity to apply previously acquired skills in practice alongside your studies. You will also gain insights into a scientific or science-related professional field.

All participating institutions and chairs at the University of Potsdam offer specific projects for which you can apply. You also have the opportunity to propose your own projects for a WHK job. We will be happy to support you in finding ideas.

After the start of a round of the qualification program (every semester), we publish the WHK jobs for all participants here. If you are interested in a WHK job, you will go through a classic application process with application documents and selection interviews - we will accompany you if necessary.

Selection of available student assistant jobs (WHK)

Important: The application for the following positions is only possible for participants of the program.

Chair / institution

Student assistant project

Number of hours(earliest) Starting date

Junior Professorship for German Didactics in an Inclusive Context/Special Educational Needs in Language and Communication (Secondary Level)

a) Collaboration on the Research Project: “Fair Debating and Written Argumentation”

b) Collaboration on the Research Project: "Stop Bullying! A Theater Project"


Central Student Advisory Service / Student marketing

a) Conception and implementation of a digital "Master Info Day"

b) Conception and production of a peer-to-peer podcast

c) Collaboration on a workshop on decision-making skills

2x 10himmediately
Dean's Office of the Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesAcademic management, collaboration in the area of study entry and orientation phase, conception of workshops10h or lessJuly 1 or August 1, 2024

MA Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture

Science communication, conception and organization of a student conference for MA students, supervision of the associated blog10hOctober 1, 2024

Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, Genetics

Plant Genetics, pollen-pollen competition, fine-map casual mutations and study their properties10hJuni 1, 2024
International OfficeIntercultural support for Potsdam students planning a stay abroad and support for international students and academics, network events10hOctober 1, 2024

Institute of Computer Science, Software Engineering

Inclusive teaching materials (research, evaluation, development of guidelines for inclusive teaching materials, revision of existing teaching materials)8hSeptember 1, 2024
Institute of Geosciences, General GeophysicsOutreach in the field of geosciences and geophysics; public relations, development of open software packages for seismology10himmediately

Project CAVAS+ (Central Student Advisory Service)

Collaboration in the AI research project with a focus on the survey of study situations of a diverse student body10himmediately
Project CAVAS+ (Institute of Computer Science)Collaboration in the AI research project with a focus on the conception and evaluation of the user interface of a system for study planning10himmediately