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What we do

As the Career Service, we support students and graduates of the University of Potsdam with different offers on career guidance to help them individually and strategically plan their first steps in the working world. Keep reading for more information on our own understanding of our work and what we actually do.

Take it easy for a change ...

As you can tell, there is no such thing as universal truth because each and every one of us views the world through their own lens. That also means that the career options you have and decisions you make are entirely unique. Therefore, it would be best to just come by and get a better sense of how we can support you in person. Before you do that, however, we recommend taking a break and unwinding since a healthy work-life-balance is very important, after all. On that note, we’re going to take a moment to sit back, relax and have a piece of cake – because that’s something we really enjoy doing. :)

Proactive instead of helpless

Many students don’t know just how and where to successfully enter the job market by the time they’ve finished their studies. However, a defensive mindset can cause applicants to fully submit to the interests of potential employers and accept whatever’s offered to them – as long as it means moving forward. That’s exactly the kind of uncertainty and insecurity that appears aimless to employers and doesn’t always do  students or their interests justice. Therefore, it is our goal to help you build your self-esteem for and during the application process and develop strategies that enable you to be proactive in your job search. You can start preparing for your future career throughout the course of your studies by joining one of our job-related workshops and seminars. Feel free to take a look!

Seminar package instead of package delivery

Despite the fact that we may frequently be mistaken as a courier service, we won’t deliver any packages to your front door. What we can offer you is a particular sort of package within our very own workshops and seminars: our “Communication” qualification package. The package consists of three to five workshops of your choice under the theme of Communication, which you can finalize with the help of a learning guide and your own short development project. Once you’ve completed the course, you won’t get any parcels from us, but certainly a certificate which you can include in your future applications. Besides booking the full package, you can also visit individual workshops instead and thus improve your soft skills alongside your theoretical knowledge. From rhetorical abilities to press and public relations to time management, there’s sure to be a fit for everyone!

Individual career guidance instead of cookie-cutter jobs

If you’re a student, we’d like to help you find your own career path throughout the course of your studies and begin preparing for an occupation that fits your own interests. Our aim is not to alter your wishes, goals and skills in order to accommodate the job market, but rather to use these as guidelines for possible future options that cater to your personality and circumstances.

If you’re in a teaching position, we can support you with a wide range of workshops, presentations and recommendations for the conception of courses related to practical experience that can aid your students in their professional orientation.