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What we believe in

Unfortunately, we, as the Career Service, are constantly confronted with career-clichés. Time for a new path and a more diverse definition of the term “career”!
Photo: Career Service | Icon: Azam Ishaq, Noun Project

Neckties, power and endless performance. Frequently symbolized by a flight of stairs or a ladder, researching the word “career” on the internet seems to yield platitudes in abundance. But do these stereotypes actually offer an accurate depiction of contemporary occupational ideals? What other values play into the meaning of the term “career”? What about self-determination, self-realization and creativity? Where are a sense of justice, social impact and the desire for societal change? Can a rigid concept of the word “career” even be reconciled with the prioritization of personal mental and physical health and the worldwide call for more sustainability? And what about curiosity? Does it run wild in countless different directions or does it deferentially climb the corporate ladder? With all of these questions in mind, it's time to set off on a new career path! What’s your personal perception of the word “career”?