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Awards for NatRiskChange members

Poster Amalie

OSPP Award for Amalie Skålevåg, EGU 2023

Amalie received the Outstanding Student and PhD candidate Presentation Award for her poster entitled: Hydro-sediment event types and associated conditions and processes in an alpine catchment

"Preis für herausragende Dissertationen in der Hydrologie" for Dr Erwin Rottler

For his results, which are particularly relevant for society, NatRiskChange alumnus Dr Erwin Rottler was awarded the prize for the best hydrological dissertation by the German Hydrological Society.

Jana Ulrich erhält den DMG Förderpreis

Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft (DMG) - Förderpreis 2022 for Jana Ulrich

Jana Ulrich received the DMG-Förderpreis "in recognition of her contributions to the description of extreme precipitation of different durations using consistent extreme value models".

Outstanding Student Presentation Award for Lisa Luna, AGU 2020

Lisa Luna received the OSP Award for her poster titled "Bayesian Multilevel Models for Learning Seasonal Landslide Activity from Inventories with Observation Bias Event"

Dr. Georg Veh

Award "Best dissertation 2020" of the national "AK Geomorphologie" for Dr. Georg Veh

He carried out his dissertation about glacial lake outburst floods in the RTG NatRiskChange. He was supervised by PD Ariane Walz and Prof. Oliver Korup. Congratulations!

Best Paper Award 2019

Best Paper Award 2019 for Bronstert, Crisologo, Heistermann, Öztürk, Vogel, and Wendi

Flash-Floods: More often, More severe, More damaging? An Analysis of Hydro-Geo-Environmental Conditions and Anthropogenic Impacts doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-37425-9_12

Poster Award for Erwin Rottler 2018

The 2018 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Award at EGU for Erwin Rottler et al.

Poster/PICO at EGU 2018 entitled: Alpine temperature changes: features and feedbacks (Rottler, E.; Kormann, C.; Francke, T., Bronstert, A.)

Preis Viktor Rözer

Allianz Reinsurance price 2017 for Viktor Rözer

Allianz Reinsurance awarded a price 2017 for Viktor Rözer for his PhD project. Viktor worked on extreme floods and how it is infuenced by climate change.

Poster Award for Georg Veh

Poster Award for Georg Veh: Annual meeting of the german working group on Geomorphology 2017

Detecting glacial lake outburst floods from LANDSAT time series

Poster Award for Sebastian von Specht

Poster Award for Sebastian Specht: 35th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission

Rapid identification of rupture and auxiliary planes from focal mechanism data for the 2016 Ecuador and Kumamoto earthquakes

Poster Berry Boessenkool

Poster Award for Berry Boessenkool at PhDay 2016 of the Potsdam Graduate School

Fear the Rhine? Merging of flow regimes