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Dr. Aude Noiray

Group leader


Campus Golm
Building 14, Room 2.05

Linguistics Department
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam


by appointment

About Me

My research currently focuses on the (a)typical development of spoken language in children. I aim to track how the maturation of speech motor control interacts with perceptual, lexical, and phonological developments. Other domains of interests regard the development of anticipatory processes, the relation between spoken language & literacy, or between planning and production processes. 

Aside research, I love travelling around the world and hiking. There is nothing more energising and relaxing for me than being in the mountains. In the past seven years, I have also become a passionate dancer. Thanks to dance, I have developed a new perspective on both language and motor control and I can better appreciate how the body stands as a universal communication tool.


Associate Member Laboratoire de Phonétique de l’UQAM, Montréal  and Haskins Laboratories haskins.yale.edu/staff/noiray.html   researchgate.net/profile/Aude_Noiray 


2007: Ph.D., Language Sciences (magna cum laude), GIPSA lab Stendhal University, Grenoble, France
2003: M.Sc. Language Sciences, Université Stendhal,Grenoble, France

Professional appointments

2015-2021: Researcher and group leader LOLA, University of Potsdam
2015: Creation of LOLA, University of Potsdam
2012-2014: Lecturer, University of Potsdam
2007-2012: Post-doc, Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, USA
2005: Visiting doctoral fellow, Laboratoire de Phonétique, (L. Ménard), UQAM, Montreal (4 mo) 

Recent teaching

Summers & Winters 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019: Invited block seminars in the M.Sc. Linguistics, EMCL, IECL and in the B.Sc. Linguistics programs
Selected topics in language acquisition/ Typical and atypical language acquisition/ Development of speech production/Fondation for scholarly work
Summer 2012-2014: Lecturer, B.Sc. Linguistics
Selected topics in language acquisition/Typical and atypical language acquisition/Development of speech production
From 2004- 2007: Lecturer, B.Sc. Language Sciences Dep., Stendhal University, Grenoble
  Phonetic-Phonology I: Language development from birth to first words
  Phonetic-Phonology II: Articulatory phonetics; consonant systems of the world’s languages
  Textual practices (oral and written communication)


  PhD. candidates: D. Abakarova, S. Krüger, E. Rubertus all at University of Potsdam
  T. Rebernik (Uni. Groningen, with M. Wieling),  O. Kolozsvári (Uni. Jyväskylä, with J. Hämäläinen)  

 2020: Postdoctoral fellow: A. Popescu/ M.Sc students: J. Sander, O. Taylor
 2019: M.Sc students: L. Hintermeier, N. Gonen, A. Bocian/ B.Sc. student: I. Helbig (with D. Abakarova) 
 2018: M.Sc students: S. Krüger, R. Moffat (with M. Wieling)
 2016-2017: M.Sc. students: D. Abakarova/ B.Sc. students: G. Kaiser (with E. Rubertus)
 2015: M.Sc. student: E. Rubertus
 2014: B.Sc. students: E. Rubertus, J. Hartel 
 2009: M.Sc. G.Richard (visit 3 months, with L. Ménard) 

Third-part fundings & scholarships

Submitted: French Institutes for Advanced Study. Principal Investigator
Link between infants’ audiovisual attention and their speech motor abilities
2019-2021: Research grant, DFG. Principal Investigator
Understanding spoken language organization in the first decade of life (II)​​​
2017-2019: Research grant, DFG. Principal Investigator
Understanding spoken language organization in the first decade of life (I)
2017: Scientific event grant, DFG. Main Coordinator
Conference Ultrafest VIII
2014- 2017: Research grant, DFG. Principal Investigator
 New methodologies for investigating the development of coarticulation in  children
2015- 2019: Marie Curie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network. Coordinator: Prof. Höhle
Role: Investigator, PhD superviser, Training Manager of the 15 early stage researchers (ESRs).
PredictAble: understanding and predicting developmental language abilities and disorders in multilingual Europe
2004- 2006: Merit-based PhD scholarship (MENRT, France)
2003: Merit-based DEA Scholarship, Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires & Scolaires (CROUS)

Collaboration in funded projects

Submitted:Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada. PI: L. Ménard
                         Project: Le développement de la parole claire chez l'enfant francophone 
2019-2024: Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. PI: M. Wieling. 
                         Project: Speech planning and monitoring in Parkinson's disease
2019-2020: De Jong Akademie, KNAW. PI: M. Wieling. 
                         Project: Speech deterioration in children with Duchenne syndrome

Organization of conferences, workshops & scientific events

2022         Speech Motor Control Conference. Role: co-organizer, chair language acqusition session, plenary speaker
2018          Dynamical Systems Theory for the Phonetic Sciences, guest speaker: Pr. Iskarous
                      Role: Main organizer with D. Abakarova, S. Krüger, A. Popescu, J. Sander
                     Satellite Ultrasound Evidence in Phonology, Labphon 16, Lisbon
                      Role: Co-organizer with D.H. Whalen and S. Lulich
                      My workshop: Tutorial on ultrasound research in (a)typical language development
  2017         Conference Ultrafest VIII, Potsdam, 77 participants, 16 countries
                      Role: Main organizer, with D. Abakarova, N. Gonen, S. Krüger, E. Rubertus
                      Language acquisition Poster session, gathering all language 
                      acquisition groups (Baby-lab, Crossing the boarders, LOLA, NOLA, PredictAble
  2011          International Seminar on Speech Production, Montréal, 160 participants, 10 countries
                       Role: Co-organizer with L. Ménard, S. Baum, V. Gracco, and D. Ostry
  2010          Conference Ultrafest V, New Haven, USA, 85 participants, 7 countries
                       Role: Co-organizer with D.H. Whalen, and K. Iskarous
  2009          Birth to Five initiative, Haskins labs-University of Southern California, USA
                       Role: Co-organizing working groups and proposal writing



  Abakarova, D., Iskarous, K., & Noiray, A. (in revision). Developmental differences in coarticulatory patterns relate to differences in speech motor strategies: An empirically grounded modeling approach.

Peer reviewed publications

  Krüger, S. & Noiray, A. (2021). Developmental differences in perceptual anticipation underlie different sensitivities to coarticulatory dynamics. Journal of Child Language (open access).

  Popescu, A. & Noiray, A. (2021). Reading proficiency interacts with speech articulation: better readers show greater speech motor differentiation. Journal of Language, Learning and Development (open access)

  Kolozsvári, O.,  Xu. W., Parviainen, T., Nieminen, L., Noiray, A. & Hämäläinen, J. (2021). Coherence between brain activation and speech envelope at word and sentence levels shows age-related differences in low frequency bands. Neurobiology of Language (open access)

  Rebernik, T., Jacobi, J., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (2021). Reviewing 30 years of electromagnetic articulography: some suggestions for improved experimental approaches. Laboratory Phonology, Special collection: Techniques and Methods for Investigating Speech Articulation, 12(1):6. DOI(open access)

  Offrede, T., Jacobi, J., Rebernik, T., de Jong, L., Keulen, S., Veenstra, P., & Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (2020). The impact of alcohol on L1 versus L2. Language and Speech. DOI (open access)

  Noiray, A. Ries, J., Tiede, M., Rubertus, E., Laporte, C, & Ménard, L. (2020). Recording and analyzing kinematic data in children and adults with SOLLAR: Sonographic & Optical Linguo-Labial Articulation Recording system (SOLLAR). Laboratory Phonology, Special collection: Techniques and Methods for Investigating Speech Articulation, 11(1):14, 1-25. DOI

    Rubertus, E., & Noiray, A. (2020). Vocalic activation width decreases across childhood: evidence from carryover coarticulation. Laboratory Phonology, 11(7). DOI (open access)

   Rebernik, T., Jacobi, J., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (2020). Experimental approaches in electromagnetic articulography. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Speech Production, Providence (4 pages).

 Noiray, A., Popescu, A.,  Killmer, H., Rubertus, E., Krüger, S., & Hintermeier, L. (2019). Spoken language development and the challenge of skill integrationFrontiers in Psychology, Language Sciences. DOI (open access)

  Noiray, A., Wieling, M., Abakarova, D., Rubertus,E., & Tiede, M. (2019). Back from the future: nonlinear anticipation in adults and children´s speechJournal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 62(8S), 3033–3054. (open access here).

 Popescu, A.,  Noiray, A. (2019). Reading proficiency and phonemic awareness as predictors of coarticulatory gradients in children. Proceedings of BUCLD 44, Boston, Nov.7-10.

  Wieling, M., Blankevoort, C., Hukker, V., Jacobi, J., de Jong, L., Keulen, S., Medvedeva, M., van der Ploeg, M., Pot, A., Rebernik, T., Veenstra, P., & Noiray, A. (2019). The influence of alcohol on L1 versus L2 pronunciation.  International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences, ICPHS, August 5-8, Melbourne (4 pages).

  Rubertus, E. & Noiray, A. (2018). On the development of gestural organization: A cross-sectional study of vowel-to-vowel anticipatory coarticulation. PLOS One. DOI (open access)

  Abakarova, D., Iskarous, K., & Noiray, A. (2018). Quantifying lingual coarticulation in German using Mutual Information: an ultrasound studyJournal of Acoustical Society of America, 144(2), 897-907. DOI: 10.1121/1.5047669

  Noiray, A., Abakarova, D., Rubertus, E., Krüger, S., & Tiede, M (2018). How children organise their speech in the first years of life? Insight from ultrasound imaging. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 61, 1355-1368. DOI:10.1044/2018_JSLHR-S-17-0148.

  Noiray A., Iskarous K., & Whalen, & D-H. (2014). Variability in English vowels is comparable in articulation and acoustics. Laboratory Phonology, 5(2), 271-288. DOI: 10.1515/lp-2014-0010

  Noiray A., Ménard L., & Iskarous K. (2013). The Development of Motor Synergies in Children: Ultrasound and Acoustic MeasurementsJournal of Acoustical Society of America, 133(1), 444-452.  DOI:10.1121/1.4763983. 

  Ménard L., & Noiray A. (2011). The development of lingual gestures in speech: Comparing synthesized vocal tracts with natural vowelsFait de Langues, 37, 189-202. PMID: 25383006.

  Noiray A., Cathiard M-A., Ménard L., & Abry C. (2011). Test of the Movement Expansion Model: Anticipatory vowel lip protrusion and constriction in French and English speakers. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 129 (1), 340-349. DOI:10.1121/1.3518452.

  Whalen, D. H., Shaw, P. A., Noiray, A., & Antony, R. (2011). Analogs of Tahltan consonant harmony in English CVC syllables. In W.-S. Lee & E. Zee (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2129-2132. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong.

  Kavitskaya D., Iskarous K., Noiray, A., & Proctor, M. (2008). Trills and palatalization: Consequences for sound changeProceedings of the 17thMeeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, New Haven, May 9-11, 97-110.

  Noiray, A, Iskarous K., & Whalen D.H. (2008). Tongue-jaw synergy in vowel height production: Evidence from American EnglishProceedings of 8th International Speech Production Seminar, Strasbourg, (Eds.) Sock, R., Fuchs, S., Laprie, Y., Strasbourg, France, 81-84.

  Noiray A., Ménard L., Cathiard M.A., Abry, C., & Savariaux C. (2004). The development of anticipatory labial coarticulation in French: A pioneering studyProceedings of 8th ICSLP, Jeju Island, 53-56.

Book chapters

  Noiray, A., Cathiard MA., Abry C. & Ménard L. (2010). Lip Rounding Anticipatory Control: Crosslinguistically Lawful and Ontogenetically Attuned. Speech Motor Control: New developments in basic and applied research, ed. Ben Maassen & Pascal H.H.M. van Lieshout, Oxford University Press. 153-171.

  Noiray, A., Cathiard MA., Ménard L. & Abry C. (2008). Emergence of a vocalic gesture control: Attunement of the anticipatory rounding temporal pattern in French children. Emergence of language Abilities, ed. Sophie Kern, Frédérique Gayraud et Egidio Marsico, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 100-116.

Presentations in conference

  Abakarova, D., & Noiray, A. (2021). Children’s coarticulatory patterns reflect undifferentiated articulatory strategiesProceedings BUCLD, virtual meeting.

  Popescu, A., & Noiray, A. (2021). Does learning to read interact with speech patterns in consistent alphabetic systems? The case of German. AMLaP 2021, Paris.

  Popescu, A., & Noiray, A. (2021). Does learning how to read affect the way you speak? Preliminary insight from German beginning readersInternational Child Phonology Conference (online).

  Rebernik, T., Jacobi, J., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (2020). Experimental approaches in electromagnetic articulography. LabPhon17, Vancover (online due to Covid). 

  Krüger, S. & Noiray, A (2020). Are developmental differences in vocalic lingual anticipation perceivable? Insights from German child and adult listenersInternational Seminar on Speech Production, Providence.

  Popescu, A., & Noiray, A. (2020). Coarticulatory organization in beginner readers: a multifactorial interaction approachInternational Seminar on Speech Production, Providence.

  Rubertus, E., Popescu, A., & Noiray, A. (2020). Development of coarticulation: comparing modalities in beginning readersInternational Seminar on Speech Production, Providence.

  Rubertus, E., Noiray, A. (2020). Anticipatory and carryover coarticulation share a similar origin: evidence from child speech. International Seminar on Speech Production, Providence.

  Abakarova, D., Iskarous, K, & Noiray, A. (2020). Articulatory strategies and coarticulation pattern across ageInternational Seminar on Speech Production, Providence 

  Sander., J., Höhle, B.,  Altvater-Mackensen, N., & Noiray, A. (2019). Gaze dynamics during infants' vocal development. WILD conference, June 13-15, Potsdam. 

  Krüger, S. & Noiray, A. (2019). How much in advance can listeners perceive upcoming speech targets? Insights from children and adults. Conference Phonetics and Phonology in Europe.

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  Noiray A., Cathiard MA., Ménard L., & Savariaux C. (2005). A compter de quel âge les enfants français maîtrisent-ils le geste d’arrondissement?100 ans de Phonétique expérimentale, Grenoble.

  Noiray A (2004). Méthodologie de recueil de parole pour l’étude de la coarticulation anticipante chez l’enfant. Journées PRASC (Pôle Rhône-Alpes de Sciences Cognitives), Grenoble.

Invited talks


Towards an integrative-interactive approcah to spoken lanauge development. Invited talk, LMU Mampf colloquium, July, 7th.

Ultrasound tongue imaging to study of child language development. Invited workshop, International Child Phonology Conference (online), June, 17th.


Skill interactions in the framework of spoken language acquisition. Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie, SRPP Colloquium, Paris, October 11th. 

Spoken language acquisition and the challenge of skill integration. Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, LingLunch, Paris, October 10th. 

Towards a dynamical approach to spoken language development.  Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage, Lyon, September 26th. 

Tutorial on data analyses from ultrasound imaging. Speech Lab, University of Groningen, April, 17th. 

Units of phonological awareness and speech production in development. Laboratoire de Phonétique, UQAM. Montreal, March 7th. 

Anticipation in spoken language development: interaction with speech motor control and language-related abilities. Humboldt University, Berlin, February, 12th. 


Tracking spoken language development from infants to school-aged children. University of Groningen, October 5th. 

Tutorial on ultrasound research in (a)typical language acquisition. Labphon 16, Satellite: Ultrasound Evidence in Phonology, Lisbon, July 19th.

Seeing the invisible in the speech of children using ultrasound imagingISOLDE, Potsdam University, June, 11th, 2018. Workshop in an international conference

What can ultrasound imaging tell us about typical language acquisition. Psychological Institute Mainz University, January 17th, 2018. 


Coarticulatory organization in the first years of life. International Workshop Dynamic modeling, Phonetic Institute Cologne, July 17 th 2017. 

Acquisition of spoken language fluency in relation to phonological and speech motor control developmentWinter school Speech Production and Perception: learning and memory, Chorin, January 7th 2017. 

How does the tongue learn to speak a language fluently? A cross-sectional study in German children. 7th International Conference on Speech Motor Control, Groningen, July 7th 2017. 


Coarticulation: theories & data. PhonCog, University of Potsdam, January 7th 2015. 

Acoustic and articulatory analyses of lingual coarticulation in children. LMU, Munich, June 3th 2015.


Effects of syllabic structure on speech production: Preliminary data in English adults and children. ZAS-Humboldt University, April 16th.

Phonological competition in children´s speech planning. Phonetic Institute, Cologne, January 13th.

Syllabic organisation in children and adults. Inclusion and heterogeneity, University of Potsdam, December 10th.


Phonological competition in children and adults. Linguistic Department, University of Potsdam, July 11th. 


Données de coarticulation labiale et linguale chez l’adulte et l’enfant français et anglais.  Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie, SRPP Colloquium, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, December 17th.

Lingual coarticulation in young children: An acoustic and articulatory exploration. Language Colloquium, GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble. September 16 th.

A physiological account of syllable organization. NYU, New York, April 6 th.

Measures of coarticulation in the young age: a critical overview. Speech Communication Disorders Center, NYU, New York, March 30th.


Tongue-jaw synergy in vowel height production: Evidence from American English8th International Speech Production Seminar, Strasbourg, December 11 th.


Acquisition of anticipatory behaviour in French children from 3 years upward. Rencontre ICP-Haskins Laboratories, Grenoble, November 28th.

Emergence of anticipatory coarticulation control in French. 5th International Conference on Speech Motor Control, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Oral presentation


Le développement de la coarticulation anticipante: une étude longitudinale. Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs 2005, Toulouse. Oral presentation


The development of anticipatory labial coarticulation in French: A pioneering study. 8th Interspeech, ICSLP, Jeju Island, December 3th. Oral presentation


  PhD dissertation: L'anticipation d'arrondissement vocalique et le Modèle d'Expansion du Mouvement. Deux extensions : du français à l'anglais et de l'adulte à l'enfant 
(Translation: Vocalic rounding anticipation and the Movement Expansion Model. Two extensions: from French to English and from children to adults.)

  Master Language Science dissertation: Capturer la voix des émotions authentiques chez l'acteur: premiers pas vers "peut-on entendre le jeu de l'acteur"? 
(Translation: First step in capturing the expression of natural versus simulated emotions in the voice of actors).