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At LOLA – the Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition – we are interested in the (a)typical development of speech and language from infancy to puberty. Our research topics include speech motor control development, perceptual, phonological and lexical development, the relation between speech planning and speech production, and reading acquisition. Our research uses acoustic and video recordings, eye-tracking, ultrasound imaging as well as various language/reading assessments.

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Interested in taking part in our studies?

We are currently looking for parents and their infant (6 to 13mo) to take part in our research. You can contact us at lola@uni-potdam.de Click here to find out more...

Sept, 2019: We are hiring!

We are currently looking for 2 motivated student assistants to join our projects. If you are rigorous, well-organised, with a creative mind, you can contact us at lola@uni-potsdam.de Click here

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Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition is part of the Linguistics Department, together with the BabyLab, in collaboration with the Speech Lab.

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