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Portrait Philipp Wendering
Foto: Karolina Musial

Philipp Wendering

PhD student

House 29, Office 1.110

Department of Biochemistry & Biology
University of Potsdam

Email: philipp.wenderinguni-potsdamde

Portrait Philipp Wendering
Foto: Karolina Musial

Research Interests

I am a PhD student working on genome-scale metabolic models of various organisms using constraint-based optimization approaches. I am particularly interested in the effects of temperature on plant metabolism with respect to enzyme kinetics, protein stability, and photosynthesis.


University of Potsdam, M. Sc. Bioinformatics, 2020

University of Potsdam, B. Sc. Molecular Biology, 2016


I have experience in conducting exercise and seminar sessions in statistics and constraint-based modelling for graduate students.


Wendering, P., Nikoloski, N. (2021)
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doi: 10.1101/2021.10.07.463607

Wendering, P., Nikoloski, N. (2021)
COMMIT: Consideration of metabolite leakage and community composition improves microbial community models, bioRxiv,
doi: 10.1101/2021.06.02.446851

Kueken, A., Wendering, P., Langary, D., Nikoloski, Z. (2021)
A structural property for reduction of biochemical networks, bioRxiv,
doi: 10.1101/2021.03.17.435785

Arend M, Yuan Y, Águila Ruiz-Sola M, Omranian N, Nikoloski Z, Petroutsos D.
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bioRxiv 2022.04.01.486742

Ferreira M A d M, Wendering P, Arend M, Silveira W B d, Nikoloski Z.
Accurate prediction of in vivo protein abundances by coupling constraint-based modelling and machine learning
bioRxiv 2023.04.11.536445

Wendering P, Nikoloski Z.
Toward mechanistic modeling and rational engineering of plant respiration.
Plant Physiology, Volume 191, Issue 4, April 2023, p 2150–2166