Marius Arend
Foto: Laila Benz

Marius Arend

PhD student

House 29, Office 1.110

Department of Biochemistry & Biology
University of Potsdam

Marius Arend
Foto: Laila Benz

Research Interests

My main research goal is to assemble genome-scale models of cellular processes such as gene regulation and metabolism. In this regard I focus on the integration of omics data sets and biological knowledge bases in order to come up with novel hyptheses and testable predictions.


Freie Universität Berlin, M.Sc. Biochemistry, 2020

Freie Universität Berlin, B. Sc. Biochemistry, 2017


I am tutoring constrained based modelling exercises in the bioinformatics M. Sc. program.


Malik V., Glaser L.V., Zimmer D., Velychko S., Weng M., Holzner M., Arend M., Chen Y., Srivastava Y., Veerapandian V., Shah Z., Esteban M.A., Wang H., Chen J., Schöler H.R., Hutchins A.P., Meijsing S.H., Pott S., Jauch R. (2019)
Pluripotency reprogramming by competent and incompetent POU factors uncovers temporal dependency for Oct4 and Sox2, Nat Commun

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-11054-7