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Dr. Sandra Marcela Correa

Research Assistant, Bioinformatics group, Institute of Biochemistry and Biology
Email: Cordobampimp-golm.mpgde

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Research Interests

During my undergraduate and postgraduate studies I developed a deep interest in bioprocess analysis, development and optimization of plants cells and microorganisms, due to the limitless possibilities associated with biological systems as a framework for a pioneer sustainable economic revolution.

During my PhD in Biotechnology, I gained in-depth knowledge of plant lipid biochemistry and metabolism, with main focus on structural and storage lipids, besides metabolic routes of central metabolism. In addition, I adapted and developed protocols for the use of isotope labeling, microscopy, flow cytometry and mass spectrometry techniques for the characterization of biological systems, besides gaining experience in the use of bioinformatic tools for the reconstruction of metabolic models.

Over the last few years, my research focus has been on the field of Systems Biology, where I have made use of programming languages and biostatistics tools for the mining, integration and analysis of large heterogeneous data sets and their incorporation into metabolic models for hypothesis generation through computational modeling. This has enabled me to study the changes in the lipidome and metabolome of plant and microalgae under different nutritional schemes and stress conditions and to understand how environmental conditions dictate differential carbon partitioning to increase biomass and modulate lipid accumulation, the processes leading to lipid remodeling, and to identify targets for the rational modification of the metabolism for the production of novel metabolites or for the improvement of the levels of native metabolites.


Universidad de Antioquia, B.Sc.Ph., 2004

Universidad de Antioquia, M.Sc., 2014

Universidad de Antioquia, Ph.D., 2021

Selected Publications

Mi J., Vallarino J. G., Petřík I., Novák O., Correa S.M., Chodasiewicz M., Havaux M., Rodriguez-Concepcion M., Al-Babili S., Fernie A.R., Skirycz A., Moreno J.C.
A manipulation of carotenoid metabolism influence biomass partitioning and fitness in tomato. Metabolic Engineering. 70 (2022).

Giraldo, N.D., Correa, S.M., Arbeláez, A. et al.
Metabolic response of Botryococcus braunii to high bicarbonate dosages and other conditions: analysis of photosynthetic performance, productivity, and lipidomic profile. J Appl Phycol (2021).

Giraldo, N.D., Correa, S.M., Arbeláez, A. et al.
Reducing self-shading effects in Botryococcus braunii cultures: effect of Mg2+ deficiency on optical and biochemical properties, photosynthesis and lipidomic profile. Bioresour. Bioprocess. 8, 33 (2021).

Correa, S.M., Alseekh S., Atehortúa L., Brotman Y., Ríos-Estepa R., Fernie A.R., Nikoloski Z.
Model-assisted identification of metabolic engineering strategies for Jatropha curcas lipid pathways.(2020)
The Plant Journal. 104, 1

Correa, S.M., Fernie A.R., Nikoloski Z., Brotman Y.
Towards model-driven characterization and manipulation of plant lipid metabolism. Progress in Lipid Research. 80 (2020)