RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms

spokespersons: Lars Eckstein and Dirk Wiemann

Foto: eckstein

Please visit http://www.uni-potsdam.de/minorcosmopolitanisms for information about the research training group Minor Cosmopolitanisms.

The DFG funded research training group (Graduiertenkolleg) Minor Cosmopolitanisms wishes to establish new ways of studying and under­standing the cosmopolitan project against and beyond its Eurocentric legacies. It investigates cosmopoli­tanisms as emerging in a plur­al­ity of locally em­bedded representational and performative practices in a variety of differnt parts of the globe.

Structurally, the RTG locates the University of Potsdam as well as the Freie Universität and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin at the crossroads of partner institutions on four different continents (Macquarie University Sydney, UNSW Sydney, Delhi University, EFLU Hyderabad, Pretoria University, University of Cape Town, York University Toronto and Duke University). The Potsdam/Berlin team of researchers cooperates closely with a team of scholars from the respective overseas institutions in joint supervision, research, teaching, and the organisation of overseas summer or winter schools.

The first group of twelve doctoral researchers and one postdoctoral reseracher will begin working on the project from October 2016.

Foto: eckstein