Since its emergence cultural studies has been concerned with the historical materiality of particular moments, places and conjunctures. The blog criticalhabitationsserves as a platform of exchange among practitioners of cultural studies, who - as researchers, teachers, activists - remain committed to cultural studies' focus on a specific here and now, a concrete time and place. It takes as its starting point the notion of habitation. How do we dwell in the traditions of cultural studies in our diverse locations? Have some of our categories of analysis and terms of engagements become mere habits? Is cultural studies a space of dissent, or a homely space? For whom?


Experimental Humanities
Discussion, Lectures & Workshop at the ICI Berlin, 14-15 November 2019

Pluralising Practices 
Workshop at the University of Arts and Design, Linz, Austria, 1-3 June 2016

Rupture Dynamics: Interrogating the Here and Now of Cultural Studies
Workshop at the University of Konstanz, 26-28 June 2014

Quo Vadis Cultural Studies
Workshop and Public Roundtable Discussion on 2 November 2012 at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin