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Sophie Arndt (she/her)

Vernetzung, Newsletter/ Rundmails

Hi! I'm Sophie Arndt. I joined the FSR three years ago to get a better insight into our university and to organize wonderful events for you. I am also always there for you to help with worries and problems.

Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt

    Alexandra Buhrke (she/her)

    Emailbeantwortung, Eventmanaging, Newsletter/ Rundmails

    Being part of the FSR is an opportunity for me to contribute on making our university experience even better. I'm all about getting our exchange students more involved, strengthening what the university already offers and organising fun events that everyone can enjoy.

    Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt

      Linda Bullert (she/her)

      Eventmanaging, Social Media/ Design

      Hey I'm Linda and I joined the FSR to help planning events that will create (and strengthen ;)) connections between English students.

      Englisch & Kunst Lehramt

        Karo Gosdschan (they/them)

        Social Media/ Design, Institutsversammlungen, Website

        Hey y'all, I am Karo and what I love most about being in the FSR and what made me stay for so long, is planning fun events and see peers enjoy them and make new friends and knowing I/ we did that. I also love helping other people during their studies and knowing what's going on in the institute :).

        Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt

          Lara Jüngling (she/her)


          When I started studying, there hadn’t been many opportunities to connect & meet with others, so I joined our FSR to change that. So I’m really glad that we are finally able to offer you opportunities to hopefully feel a little less alone on campus.

          Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt

            Mariam Khan


            Englisch & Informatik Lehramt

              Marvin Lebek

              Finanzen, Website

              The beginning events of our FSR were really helpful to connect at the beginning of uni. I want to plan help plan events so that others have help in their first weeks too.

              Englisch & Mathe Lehramt

                Max Lück

                Vernetzung, Eventmanaging

                Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt

                  Phil Marticke (he/him)


                  I'm part of the student council to support other students and get to know more people in the subject of Anglistics & Americanistics. I look forward to planning exciting events together with my fellow FSR members.

                  Englisch & Deutsch Lehramt

                    Anna Nguyen (she/her)


                    Hi, my name is Anna Nguyen! I’m an English and History major and have been on the student council for three years now. What I enjoy so much about it is bringing people together and creating community!

                    Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt

                      Lou Pascal Tobian (he/him)


                      Hey, I joined the FSR because I want to assist with the organisation of events for us students. For me personally, events always helped me to calm down and connect with like-minded people in phases of academic buzz.

                      Englisch & Politische Bildung

                        Franziska Stein (she/her)

                        Social Media/ Design, Institutsversammlungen, Website

                        I joined the student council because I really enjoy connecting with students, and I'm looking forward to organizing cool events like movie or board game nights for you. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to tell me, and I will help you as best as I can!

                        Englisch & LER Lehramt

                          Gabriel Wiesner


                          Through my work in the student council, I hope to come into more contact with students from different semesters and lecturers. This gives me the opportunity to advocate for the issues and improvements that directly affect our everyday lives as students.

                          Englisch & Geschichte Lehramt