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Examination board

The examination board is responsible for e.g.the recognition of assessments and examinations, including those completed abroad or as part of another study programme, granting individual equality measures, considering applications related to the application of the study regulations, and the publication of module handbooks. You can find more detailed information about particular questions below.

The relevant study regulations can be found on the page Documents and forms.

Examination board members

 The current examination board members can be found here (click on "Anglophone Modernities").

Specific concerns

Contesting a gradeIf you wish to contest a grade, first request a re-evaluation from the teacher who marked the assignment. If you still wish to contest the grade after this, you may write a formal letter of appeal to the examination board, explaining your reasons for contesting the grade.
Documentation of enrolmentThe examination board can provide documentation of your enrolment in support of BAfÖG and visa applications.
Individual equality measuresSee here for information on applying for individual equality measures. These are designed to ensure that no student is at a disadvantage in course work or examinations.
MA thesisMore information on organizing the final thesis can be found here and here, including how to select a topic, find a supervisor, and register the thesis.
Module convenorsQueries concerning the individual modules of your degree should be directed to the convenors of these modules. They are:
Recognition of previous academic credentials (general)See here for more information on applying for the recognition of previous academic credentials. Contact Prof. Nicole Waller to complete this process.
Recognition of academic credentials obtained during study abroadCredits received by students of Anglophone Modernities during their semester abroad can be transferred to their University of Potsdam record. Bring the application form (found here: choose the relevant study regulations), together with documentation of the courses you would like to have recognized to the respective Potsdam module convenor for an assessment. The final form will need to be checked and signed by the Chairperson of the Examination Board.
Before your study period abroad, we recommend that you coordinate your planned course of studies with your Potsdam advisers.