To beer, or not to beer?

Recently, a group of CogSys students participated in the first beer hackathon at BRLO brewery in Berlin, because weekends are for coding! And for drinking beer, of course.

3:56am, some of us are still going strong

So what did we have? Awesome food, free beer, 24 hours, data sets, topics “collaboration within craft beer scene”, “sustainability”, “Gastro tech”, “Brew tech”. After non-stop coding for 24 hours, our CogSys team presented a working prototype of a service, which tells you which beer will be the most popular today, based on current weather conditions and day of the week. Guys trained a neural network on the Berlin weather data from the last 10 years as well as some sales data.

The team was very disappointed by the judging process and didn’t agree with a lot of things (it seemed like fancy presentations and the word “blockchain” were the only things that counted), but everyone still had fun and enjoyed the event 🙂

I was perplexed by the judging and winners, when 2 of the top 3 had almost no actual code, and the winning team seemed kind of like a joke project. To me it seems like we need more “tech” people in the judges panel to actually rate the feasibility of projects. I kind of wonder what the point of staying up all night to code our solution was, when the winners didn’t even seem to bother with that, I guess it shouldn’t really be called a hackathon at that point and more of an ideathon. But I still had a great time and would come again.

– one of the CogSys team members

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