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Welcome to the William James Center!

The William James Center (WJC) is a multidisciplinary institution at the Potsdam University. It aims to promote research on William James´s (1842-1910) work and on the current relevance of his thinking. In addition to a research library and a website (also for Academic Contacts), regular conferences and annual visits of William James Scholars in Residence at the University of Potsdam serve to maintain an international network of William James researchers.

Prof. Dr. Logi Gunnarsson, Department of Philosophy at the University of Potsdam

Dr. Anne Dieter


Ninth  „William James Scholar in Residence“-Event 
Three Zoom-Workshops with John Kaag on topics from his new book Sick Souls, Healthy Minds
November 9 / 16 /23, 2020


Corona postponed to 2021
Conference “Pragmatism and Existentialism - William James and Jean-Paul Sartre” at the University of Potsdam, planned by the William James Center together with the Sartre Society