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Photo: Till Woerfel

Centre "Language, Variation, and Migration" at the University of Potsdam

The centre investigates language and language variation in the context of migration, multilingualism, and across the lifespan – a central topic in modern societies. Its core is in the Philosophical Faculty, with cross-faculty links to cognitive science, and empirical educational science. The centre thus supports a perspective on “Language, Variation, and Migration” that brings together different areas of linguistics, connects them with other disciplines, and provides an umbrella for interdisciplinary research projects.

In addition to this, the centre’s activities encompass a broad and regionally unique Mentoring Program for students who want to focus on topics of language, variation, and migration in their studies and who are interested in carrying out interdisciplinary research.

The centre is part of the German Network "Language, Variation and Migration" that brings together research clusters from linguistics and neighbouring disciplines.


Current issues:

Events in the winter term

We cordially invite you to our guest lectures in the winter term 2019/20. Furthermore, we are organizing an XML workshop in collaboration with the Network Digital Humanities. Please find more information here.


Research Unit: "Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations”

We are happy to announce that the Research Unit: "Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations: A Comparative Approach" (speaker: Prof. Dr. Heike Wiese) is granted by the DFG. The project is a joint venture between the University of Potsdam and five other research locations. It is supported by the two Mercator Fellows Maria Polinsky (University of Maryland) and Shana Poplack (University of Ottawa). For more information go to Research or to the project’s website


Fellowship for Mehmet Öncü

We congratulate Mehmet Öncü for being awarded the Georg Forster Research Fellowship for experienced scientists by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He will use this opportunity to do research at the Centre “Language, Variation, and Migration”. We are looking forward to working with him for the next years. 


Coordination since 2019:
Prof. Dr. Annette Gerstenberg, Romance Linguistics
Dr. Arne Peters, Development and Variation of the English Language 
Dr. Teodora Radeva-Bork, Slavic Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schroeder, German as a Foreign and Second Language

Franziska Nojack

Flavia Adani, Nils Bahlo, Margaret Blevins, Manuela Böhm, Verónica Böhm, Philip Bracker, Jana Brunner, Oliver Bunk, Judith Butterworth, Ulrike Demske, Sibylle Duda, Gisbert Fanselow, Ulrike Freywald, Jana Gamper, Doreen Georgi, Annette Gerstenberg, Joachim Gessinger, Matthias Granzow-Emden, Gerda Haßler, Mark Hillebrand, Barbara Höhle, Esther Jahns, Willi Jasper, Linda John, Reinhold Kliegl, Eva Kimminich, Peter Kosta, Philipp Krämer, Janosch Leugner, Verena Maar, Katharina Mayr, Hans G. Müller, Nicole Palliwoda, Kerstin Paul, Anja Penssler-Beyer, Arne Peters, Maria Pohle, Teodora Radeva-Bork, Sören Schalowski, Christin Schellhardt, Christoph Schroeder, Agi Schründer, Britta Schulte, Kathleen Schumann, Patrick Seeger, Anke Sennema, Yazgül Şimşek, Thomas Stehl, Silke Ullmann, Shravan Vasishth, Isabell Wartenburger, Natalia Wasmer, Heike Wiese, Hans-Georg Wolf, Till Woerfel, Seda Yilmaz-Woerfel, Venera Yusupova


Yesim Bayram, Claudia Czarniak, Norbert Dicsö, Silke Hauenstein, Laura Hermannová, Özlem Kahyalar, Johanna Peschke, Marija Radulović, Myrto Rompaki, Simon Titze
Franziska Nojack (tutor)

Former students:
Margaret Blevins, Veronica Bove, Lisa Brabänder, Oliver Bunk, Yasemin Can, Anna-Katharina Czwalinna, Ilaria De Cesare, Patricia Dietrich, Louise Eley, Ayliz Erginos, Linda Gennies, Darian Gerstenberger, Lydia Gornitzka, Iuna Hoffmann, Justyna Hryniewicz, Amy Hunter, Linda John, Luisa Koch, Mandy Köppen, Inès Lamari, Henryk Meyer, Romina Meyer, Olesya Mrelkina, Olya Nevskaya, Greg Nissan, Anna C. Oliveira Mendes, Julia Reinhardt, Jens Roeser, Julia Schlauch, Helen Schmehl, Britta Schulte, Natalie Sürmeli, Gülrucan Toy, Marie Upahl, Emiel Visser, Jana Volpers, Çiğdem Yiğ