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DOME central coordination program

The central project of the SPP-2238 DOME is in charge of the organization of the coordination office and will act in cooperation with, and on behalf of, the program coordinator and the program committee in achieving the overarching tasks. The coordination office is responsible for the scientific design and coordination of all internal workshops, field trips, outreach, and communication activities. Particular efforts will be spent on shaping the program of topical workshops and young scientist workshops.  Within this project, we will develop and implement concepts for database management within the SPP, for integration of project results with external data libraries and resources. Finally, the coordination office is responsible for maximizing the presence of the SPP at conferences, including possible roles as session co-convener, and will be responsible for developing and editing review publications and special issues that showcase results of the DOME program. Summaries and pictures of field trips and meetings can be found on the DOME website but also on our Linkdin, Twitter and Instagram acounts.