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Open positions

PhD student - Tracing mineralizing processes in sediment hosted mineral deposits using multiple sulfur isotopes. Full description here. Deadline: 30.11.2023

PhD student - The role of p-T conditions, host rock lithology, phase separation, and organic compounds on metal mobility and metal sulfide deposition in spatially resolved hydrothermal vent areas. Full description here. Deadline: 26.11.2023

PhD student - Genetic deposit model for orogenic Au-Cu-Co-(Ni-Sb-U-REE) deposits: examples from Paleoproterozoic Finland. The full desciption can be found here.Deadline: 06.11.2023

PhD student - Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Kupferschiefer - How did organic matter control mineralization. The full desciption can be found here.Deadline: 15.10.2023

PhD student - metamorphic Sn mineralization and ore deposits. The full desciption can be found here.Deadline: 03.10.2023

Post-Doc - Geochemical fingerprinting of volcanogenic massive sulfide systems using accessory minerals. The full desciption can be found here.Deadline: 26.09.2023

Doctoral researcher investigating metal transport in submarine hydrothermal systems using numerical methods. Project: The hydrogeological regime of the TAG sulfide mound on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Insights into metal fluxes from reaction-transport modelling. The full desciption can be found here.Deadline: 15.09.2023

PhD Position at the University of Hannover - Investigating the Li isoptope partioning between melt-fluid and Li Micas; Analyse the Li, Sn, W isotope composition of experimental products and natural systems. The full desciption can be found here. Deadline: 23.10.2023

Network Funds of DOME

Beyond the specific research that is budgeted in the individual SPP projects,  the coordination office has the ability to react to unforeseen collaborations or scientific opportunities that may lead to major advances. We support unforeseen opportunities such as rapid access to analytical or experimental facilities, e.g. synchrotron radiation beamtime, or opportunities that arise in field research, e.g. participation in collaborative studies, access to new drill cores or underground exposures, etc.

Furthermore, central funds are available for supporting access of young scientists within the SPP to “hands-on” courses on analytical or experimental techniques provided by scientific societies, universities or research centres. Finally, the committee may provide funds to support mentoring activities, either from local providers or cross-national mentoring tandems between partners of the SPP.

These discretionary funds administered by the DOME committee are made available on an ad-hoc basis upon request by SPP participants. The proposals will be evaluated on a short timeframe basis.  To apply, please fill out this form and write a mail to