2nd General assembly

The 2nd general assembly will take place from the 28.03.2022 until the 29.03.2022 in Goslar, followed by a soft skill workshop for the young researchers. We welcome our invited speaker Kathryn Goodenough from the British Geological Survey and looking forward to presenations of all DOME researchers. The talk session is followed by a tour through the historic Rammelsberg mine. The young DOME scienticts will take part in three workshops after the General Assembly including scientific wirting and grant proposal writing. A schedule can be found here (short term changes possible).

2nd Young researcher networking event in Potsdam

The 2nd networking event will take place in Potsdam from the 23.11.2021 until the 26.11.2021. We will see interesting talks about the possibilities of lab scale experimental approaches and their importance for understanding ore forming processes. The scientific talks will be followed by a soft skill workshop providing helpful tools for the young researchers of DOME. A preliminary schedule can be found here.

1st Young researcher networking event - field trip Erzgebirge

The DOME project had its first young researcher meeting from the 08.08.2021 until the 12.08.2021. We had the oppurtunity to have a look at the mineralization of several visitor mines in the German part of the Erzgebirge and we were able to visit several outcrops at the czech part. Thanks to David Dolejs and Mathias Burisch for assistance and guidance in the field. Further thanks to the presenters on our small talk session about the current research in the Erzgebirge.


Group photo of the participants at the field trip
Photo: Max Wilke

1st General Assembly

The first general assembly will provide the initial opportunity to present the funded DOME projects and further serves as a platform for the first scientific exchange within the SPP DOME. Each project provides in the future new knowledge for the understanding of ore-forming processes and within DOME, there are numerous scientific interactions and collaboration possible which already can be discussed during this first general assembly.

To allow cross-disciplinary discussions, each DOME project should present their research/research-plan with a max. 5 min talk (+2-3 minutes discussion) and 5 slides. This talk can be given by the project coordinators or by the responsible young scientists and should give a first glance into the research or can already present the first preliminary results. An invited lecture will be given by Jamie Wilkinson, Imperial College London.

The first General Assembly of the SPP 2238 will take place from 22nd of March 02:00 p.m. until the 23rd of March 2021 12:00 p.m. and is open to all interested researchers or students. Please register via mail to korges@uni-potsdam.de and give the name of the presenter and the title of the talk (only DOME researchers can give a presentation) until the 01.03.2021.

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