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Focus groups

Within the course of the DOME research and meetings, young and senior scientists formed specific research groups for collaboration, exchange of ideas and for forming synergies within their research within Germany.  Three of those focus groups were established:

1) Alkaline-carbonatite systems (contact Ilya Veksler)

Activities & Updates

2) Granite-related Sn-W systems (contact Julie Michaud)

3) Porphyry-related Mo-Cu systems (contact Philipp Weis)

Gender Equality Panel

The DOME young and senior scientists established a Gender Equality Panel (GEP) during the first General Assembly. It was formed to discuss the possibilites and develop ideas on how to help young female researchers within DOME in their career, e.g. finding possibilities for mentoring. Members of the GEP  are:

Sarah Gleeson
Carmen Sanchez-Valle
Marta Codeco
Jakob Rauscher
Antonia Simon
Marion Louvel
Maria Varas-Reus
Maximilian Korges

Contact: spp2238GEPgeo.uni-potsdamde

Young Researcher Panel

The Young Researcher Panel (YRP) formed within the first year of DOME activity and is responsible for the interaction and collaboration of the individual young researchers. The YRP invites the young DOME researcher and other PhD or economic geology students to workshops and field trips. Further, the panel member are responsible for the outreach of the DOME priority program in social media, including Linkdin, Twitter and Instagram. Members of the YRP are:

Marta Codeco
Jakob Rauscher
Maximilian Korges


The official YoungMineralogists group of the DMG was founded in 2023 from a small circle of young scientists who were primarily interested in showing young researchers the opportunities and also the obstacles of an academic career. They try to educate and create transparency about the science system in Germany, provide information material about career opportunities in mineralogy and to create and maintain a "career compass" as a pool of experience of experienced mineralogists in the profession for targeted support with questions. Check out their website and reach out to the people! The connection to young researchers within Germany is important and can give new insights about possibilities within the field of mineralogy/geoscience.