Reza Dokht Dolatabadi

Picture of Reza on a park bench

Reza is   PhD candidate at University of Potsdam, and Deutsche GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ), working under supervision of Prof. Fabrice Cotton, Prof. Frank Scherbaum , and Dr. Matthias Ohrnberger.  

Areas of Interest and Research

Combining signal processing, music information retrieval, and deep learning to extract more information from seismic data.  He has developed a GUI  to facilitate musical data processing such as time-frequency transform and pitch detection for seismic data. See:

Scherbaum, F., Rosenzweig, S.,  Esfahani, R. D. D., Mzhavanadze, N., Schwär, S., Müller, M. (2022). Novel representations of Traditional Georgian Vocal Music in Times of Online Access, to appear  in  “Georgian Traditional Polyphony - Modern Trends and Development Perspectives”, Ed. Rusudan Tsurtsumia & Giorgi Donadze. (PDF)

Research topics of doctoral theses:

Time dependent monitoring of active faults and landslides properties: developing new data processing approaches based on music information retrieval (MIR) strategies

Slides of project presentation.

Picture of Reza on a park bench