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Multi-Media Recordings Of Traditional Georgian Vocal Music With Focus On Svaneti

Collage of all singers recorded during the 2016 field expedition

The success of computational analysis in the field of ethnomusicology  strongly depends on the availability and quality of data. With the new collection of recordings presented here, a high-quality multi-media data set is now available for the first time with which computational analysis of traditional Georgian vocal music can systematically be performed on a larger scale.

The multi-media nature of the new corpus, the unconventional recording strategy (using larynx microphones in addition to conventional audio recordings), together with the unique web-based interface, now enables researchers to address a multitude of research questions related to problems such as pitch tracking, harmonic and melodic analysis, and the analysis of the interaction of singers, in completely new ways. In addition, classical ethnomusicological analysis can benefit as well from these corpora by the easy access to the multi-media recordings and the collected metadata.

Collage of all singers recorded during the 2016 field expedition


Complete permanent archive (LaZAR-Database)  (open access)

AudioLabs archive (research repository)  (open access).

Selection of five example performances from the AudioLabs archive (research repository) (open access).



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