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Social Media Strategy

How To at Uni Potsdam: Griebnizsee

The goal of this campaign is to spread information about the Griebnizsee campus from students to students. Over the period of this campaign, this group achieved sharing reminders to important events & exams at the campus, introducing the campus to freshmen, connecting students with each other, and helping to settle down at the University Potsdam. 

Students: Maximilian Kuprat, Maximilian Müller, Catrin Thiede
Supervisor: Safa’a AbuJarour 

Technology Helps Refugees

The goal of this campaign is to show how far refugees need their smart phone for integrating into the German society, to prove that the smart phone is not a luxury but a necessity for refugees, to reduce stereotyping and get to know refugees and their stories. 

Students: Alina Heiden, Katharina Golze, Manuela Saccomano
Supervisor: Safa’a AbuJarour

Phubbing Breaks Romance

The goal of this campaign is to increase public awareness of the phubbing phenomenon in romantic context, to incite people to think more about it, and to motivate people to spend less time with their smartphone and more time with the partner.

Students: Didem Güngör, Selin Kizilay, Elisabeth Lenkat 
Supervisor: Olga Abramova

Stop Parents Phubbing

The goal of this campaign is to spread the word and increase the awareness about the parents phubbing, to foster healthy family relationships, and to show phubbing parents alternatives and possibilities.  

Students: Naomi Birnbach, Daniela Großmann, Salonika Hutidi
Supervisor: Olga Abramova

Stop Student Phubbing

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about the excessive smartphone use among students during lectures and in social life.  

Students: Andreas Adam, Max Mirtschink, Stefan Stankov, Deniz Temiz
Supervisor: Olga Abramova