Eman El Sherbiny M.A., research assistant

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Am Neuen Palais 10

Haus 19, Raum 4.04

14469 Potsdam

Tel. +49 331 977 4208

Email : emanel at

Foto von ESI
Photo: Valerie Hekkel

Courses offered in current semester

Office hours winter semester 2020/21: Mondays, 12-13 a.m. (please contact me via email in advance to coordinate timing)



Dissertation summary

Eman El Sherbiny Ismail's project "Emotions in Multilingual Parent-Child Communication: Family Portraits" analyses codeswitching in parent-child interaction and its connection to children's language selection. Based on the considerations on Bilingualism and Emotions in the recent literature (e.g. Pavlenko 2004, Pavlenko 2008, Dewaele 2010), it focuses on the role of emotion as one dimension that can trigger codeswitching in both adults and children. The case study is based on empirical data collected through interviews and self-recorded conversations among family members during different everyday activities.

Research interests

Language and emotion in multi-lingual families


Heritage language

Comparative translation studies

Dubbing and subtitling 


2018 – current: Ph.D. student at the Universität Potsdam

2016 – 2018: Ph.D. student at the Freie Universität Berlin

2014 Master's thesis: Diachronic analysis of dubbing the AAVE for an Italian audience. Master's degree: Interpreting and translating at the UNINT (Università Internazionale degli Studi ex San Pio V), Rome.

2012 Bachelor's thesis: Translation of the French “Corvée de bois” by Didier Daeninckx. Bachelor's degree: Intercultural mediation (Mediazione linguistico-culturale) at the Università La Sapienza, Rome.


Winter 2020/21: Von der Flugschrift zu Twitter: Italienische Massenmedien (Seminar, Universität Potsdam)

Summer 2020: Emotions in Multilingual Contexts (Seminar, Universität Potsdam)

Winter 2019/20: Italian Phonetics and Lexicology

Summer 2019: Italian Morphology and Syntax

Winter 2018/19: Translation Theory (Seminar, Universität Potsdam)

Summer 2018: Bilingual Language Acquisition (Seminar, Universität Potsdam) and Acquisizione delle Lingue e Bilinguismo (Seminar, FU Berlin)

Academic positions

Since October 2017: Research assistant at the Universität Potsdam

2017: Helped organise the conference “CLARe3” (6–8.03)


El Sherbiny Ismail, E., & Gerstenberg, A. (2020). Tempo e modo in due traduzioni di un trattato religioso del ’500: italiano – tedesco – francese. In J. Visconti, M. Manfredini, & L. Coveri (Eds.), LINGUAGGI SETTORIALI E SPECIALISTICI. Sincronia, diacronia, traduzione, variazione. Atti del XV Congresso SILFI Società Internazionale di Linguistica e Filologia Italiana (Genova, 28-30 maggio 2018) (pp. 407–414). Firenze: Franco Cesati Editore.


07/2019: Il rimprovero nelle famiglie multilingue: in che lingua rispondono i bambini?, CILPR 2019, Copenhagen

09/2018: Le emozioni nell'interazione familiare multilingue: Ritratti di famiglia, Scuola estiva di linguistica e filologia romanza “Alberto Varvaro”, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome

02/2018: Emotions in Multilingual Parent-Child communication: Family Portraits, Research School "Language contact within systems and speakers", Potsdam University

01/2017: The Role of Emotions in Multilingual Parent-Child Interaction, Forschungskolloquium Romanische Philologie, FU Berlin


Workshop: Laboratorio di Italianistica. Esperienze di linguistica italiana. (WiSe 2019/2020) with Marta Lupica Spagnolo


Courses offered in current semester

Office hours winter semester 2020/21: Mondays, 12-13 a.m. (please contact me via email in advance to coordinate timing)