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EDUC Course - Linguistic Landscapes: languages in the public space (web-based training)

An introduction to theoretical approaches and empirical methods for mapping linguistic diversity in three EDUC areas, i.e., Brandenburg and Berlin, Brno and Czech Republic, Cagliari and Sardinia.

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In the podcasts, methods and tools for linguistic analysis are explained for students by students.

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CQPweb server: online access to our corpora. The CQP search syntax can be used to search within the corpora.

e-spaces | sp@zi | e-spacios

e-spaces | sp@zi | e-spacios – Learning Spaces Romance Linguistics

Romance Linguistic Knowledge and Contemporary Language Experience: Starting points are practices of multilingualism, media usage, discussions of norms, and language policy.

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Working with research data (German resource)

An introduction to research data management for students and researchers in the humanities

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Resources for research and teaching. Corpora and other collections of language data

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Textdaten Romanistik (German resource)

E-Learning Wiki: Corpora and databases, literature and data portals, dictionaries available online, relevant programs and tools, writing academic texts

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Arbeitstechniken für Romanisten (German resource)

A guide for students of Romance linguistics


Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

Search through all Berlin-Brandenburger libraries (KOBV)

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FID Romanistik

Relevant literature, research data and information related to research for Romance language students

Links to bachelor and master theses

Bandt, Elena. 2022. Spracheinstellungen im Wahlkampf. Universität Potsdam: Masterarbeit Universität Potsdam. 10.25932/publishup-56447.

Essomba-Etama Ep. Doualla M., Hélène-Véronique. 2022. La liaison en français chez les personnes âgées : études longitudinales. Universität Potsdam: Institut für Romanistik. 10.5281/zenodo.6906929.

Rockstroh, Johanna. 2021. Code-Switching auf Twitter: Ein Vergleich zwischen El Paso und Gibraltar. Universität Potsdam: Masterarbeit Universität Potsdam. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Hans-Jürgen Bachorski-Preis der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Potsdam.