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Research Students

Current PhD students

  • Thea Villinger (U Potsdam): uses ERPs to study processes involved in producing morphologically complex words. She has started to examine German plural forms. 
  • Laura Ciaccio (U Potsdam): compares prefixation and suffixation in derived words in German and Italian across different populations
  • Yael Farhy (U Potsdam): works on verb classes (the so-called 'binyanim') in native and non-native speakers of Hebrew [funded by a Minerva Fellowship]
  • Kirill Elin (U Potsdam): studies effects of aging on morphological processing (Russian and German) in monolingual and bilingual populations

Former PhD students

  • Michela Mosca, Multilingual language control (PhD U Potsdam, 2017)
  • Sina Bosch, Morphosyntactic Feature Structure in the Native and Non-Native Mental Lexicon: A Priming Study of Stem Allomorphy and Inflectional Affixes of German (PhD U Potsdam, 2016)
  • Vera Heyer, Native and non-native processing of derived forms: Masked priming evidence from English and German (PhD U Potsdam, 2015)
  • Loay Balkhair, Form and morphology in second language morphological processing: Evidence from priming experiments on English verb morphology (PhD, U Essex, 2015, supervised until 2012)
  • Elisabeth Fleischhauer, Morphological processing in children (PhD U Potsdam, 2013)
  • Kaili Clackson, Reflexives and pronouns in sentence processing: An experimental study of children and adults (PhD U Essex, 2012)
  • Yu Ikemoto, Psycholinguistic studies of derivational morphology in Japanese (PhD U Essex, 2011)
  • Kathleen Neubauer, The processing of inflection and derivation in German as a second language (PhD U Essex, 2010)
  • Joâo Veríssimo, Stems and rules: A dual-mechanism account of the representation and processing of Portuguese stems (PhD U Essex, 2010)
  • Mohammad Ali, Agrammatism: Feature underspecification in Broca’s aphasia (PhD U Essex, 2009)
  • Nikolitsa Stathopoulou, The linguistic profile of Greek individuals with Down syndrome (PhD U Essex, 2009)
  • Renita Silva, Morphological processing in a second language (PhD U Essex, 2008)
  • Ian Cunnings, English word formation: Morphological constraints and their time-course during processing (PhD U Essex, 2008)
  • Sofia Mavratza, Specific Language Impairment in Greek: A study of agreement, tense, and the determiner system (PhD U Essex, 2007)
  • Rafael Enrique Linares, Processing and representation of morphologically complex verb forms in Spanish (PhD U Essex, 2007)
  • Michaela Wenzlaff, Verb inflection and verb placement in German agrammatism (PhD U Essex, 2005)
  • Melanie Ring, Morphology and syntax in neurodevelopmental disorders (PhD U Essex, 2005)
  • Yoko Nakano, Antecedent priming in Japanese scrambling constructions (PhD U Essex, 2004)
  • Cathie Carteret, Regular and irregular verb inflection in the French mental lexicon (PhD U Essex, 2003)
  • Sonja Eisenbeiss, Feature-driven acquisition of grammar (PhD U Düsseldorf, 2002)
  • Despina Papadopoulou, Relative clause attachment in Greek (PhD U Essex, 2002)
  • Ingrid Sonnenstuhl, Noun plurals in the German mental lexicon (PhD U Düsseldorf, 2001)
  • Tessa Say, The mental representation of Italian morphology (PhD U Essex, 2000)
  • Sam Featherston, Empty categories in sentence processing (PhD U Essex, 1999)
  • Mayella Almazan, Syntax and morphology in Williams Syndrome (PhD U Essex, 1999)
  • Helga Weyerts, Regular and irregular inflection: psycholinguistic and neurophysiological investigations (PhD U Düsseldorf, 1997)
  • Martina Penke, The grammar of agrammatism (PhD U Düsseldorf, 1996)
  • Susanne Bartke, Plural formation and lexical compounding in German SLI (PhD U Düsseldorf, 1996)
  • Teresa Parodi, Acquisition of functional categories in German (PhD U Düsseldorf, 1995)
  • Upyong Hong, Null subjects in second language acquisition (PhD U Düsseldorf, 1993)
  • Dany Adone, The acquisition of Mauritian creole as a first language (PhD U Düsseldorf, 1990)