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PRIM Projects

Phase II

Current PRIM Projects

For our Phase II projects, we have integrated the earlier syntax and morphology subprojects into overarching research clusters:

  • Development of grammatical processing in monolingual and bilingual children
  • Grammatical processing in monolingual and bilingual people at old age
  • Grammatical processing in Turkish-German bilinguals
  • Language production in bilingual children with Specific Language Impairment
  • Native and non-native processing of morphosyntax
  • Morphological generalization in the bilingual lexicon
  • Morphological priming in multilingual language processing
  • Inflectional morphology in the multilingual brain
  • Language control mechanisms in multilinguals

Phase I

PRIM Morphology Projects

  • M1: Inflectional processing in early and late bilinguals
  • M2: The processing of derivational word forms
  • M3: Morphological constraints: processing and representation

PRIM Syntax Projects

  • S1: Ambiguity resolution
  • S2: Processing filler-gap dependencies
  • S3: Anaphor resolution