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Dr. Mireia Marimon Tarter

Foto of Dr. Marimon Tarter

Dr. Mireia Marimon Tarter

Post-doctoral research assistant


Campus Golm
Building 14, Room 3.12

Department Linguistics
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam

Research Interests

  •  Learning of adjacent and non-adjacent dependencies
  • Early word segmentation mechanisms
  • Prosodic early word segmentation
  • Statistical learning


Marimon, Langus, Höhle (in prep). Prosody outweighs statistics in 6-month-old German-learning infants' speech segmentation

Marimon & Höhle (in prep). Test-retest reliability of the Headturn Preference Procedure

Marimon, M. (2019). Word segmentation in German-learning infants and German-speaking adults: prosodic and statistical cues. Doctoral Thesis.

García-Castro, G., Marimon, M., Santolín, C. & Sebastián-Gallés, N. (2019). Catalan and Spanish natural speech segmentation at 8 months of age. OSF Storage 

Conferences (most recent)

Marimon, Langus, Höhle. Individual variability in pupillary entrainment predicts speech segmentation with prosodic and statistical cues in infancy. Oral presentation. BUCLD, 5-8th November 2020, virtual conference. 

Marimon, M., Nazzi, T. & Höhle, B. Word segmentation cues in French- and German-learning infants. Oral presentation. AMLaP 2019, 6-8th September 2019, Moscow, Russia. 

Marimon, M., Dos Santos, M., Nazzi, T. & Höhle, B. Word segmentation cues: prosody or statistics? Evidence from French. Poster presentation. WILD 2019, 13-15th June 2019, Potsdam, Germany. 

Marimon, M., Höhle, B. Word segmentation in German: Prosody outweighs statistics. Oral presentation. Predictable Closing Workshop, 30th January 2019- 1st February, Paris, France.