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Lecture Modules offered by NatRiskChange

Lecture Module Course name Lecturer Time Number of ETCS
DAS1 Applied data analysis: time series, wavelets, Bayesian methods Prof. Mathias Holschneider Summer 2016 6
DAS1 Block course Wavelets Prof. Mathias Holschneider Summer 2016 4
DAS2 Recurrence analysis Dr. Norbert Marwan 12. Oct. 2016 3
DAS3 Complex network based analysis Prof. Jürgen Kurths 10./11. Oct. 2016 3
DAS X Enhancing programming skills: FORTRAN Dr. Wolfgang Schöbel WS2015/16 3
DAS X Enhancing programming skills: R M.Sc. Berry Boessenkool WS2015/16 3
DAS X Enhancing programming skills: Matlab Prof. Martin Trauth WS2015/16 3
DAS X Bayesian Networks in Geosciences Dr. Kristin Vogel WS2015/16 6
DAS X Big Data Analytics Prof. Emmanuel Müller Summer 2016 6
DAS/QR X Copula Short course Prof. András Bárdossy, Dr. Jens Bender, Dr. Viet Dung Nguyen 11.-13. April 2016 3
QR1 Statistical modelling of extremes: An Introduction Dr. Henning Rust, Dr. Gerd Bürger 4.-8. April 2016 3
QR2 Statistical modelling of extremes: Application in Hazard & Risk analysis Prof. Bruno Merz WS2015/16 3
QR3 Quantification of vulnerability and risk: overview, principles , methods Prof. Annegret Thieken, Dr. Heidi Kreibich WS2015/16 3
QR4 Quantification of vulnerability and risk: Applications in risk management Prof. Ariane Walz March 2016 2
HM1 Hydro-meteorological data and processes: from observation to modelling Prof. Axel Bronstert 5.-7. Sept. 2016 3
HM2 Advanced modelling of hydro-meteorological systems Prof. Uwe Ulbrich, Dr. Ingo Kirchner, Dr. Martin Göber WS2015/16 3
HM X Atmospheric Science in the Anthropocene Prof. Mark Lawrence WS2015/17 6
GP1 Probalistic Seismic Hazard Assessment Prof. Fabrice Cotton WS2015/16 6
GP2 Advanced geohazard analysis Prof. Oliver Korup, Dr. Saskia Förster, Dr. Sigrid Rössner 6.-8. June 2016 3
GP X Geohazards HazPresso Prof. Oliver Korup ongoing 3