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My Research...

is an integral part of the Physical Chemistry at the University of Potsdam.

Photo: apl. Prof. Dr. M.U. Kumke
General research topics M.U. Kumke

Applied Optical Sensing and Spectroscopy

My research is focused on laser-based optical spectroscopy in life and environmental sciences covering fundamental as well as applied aspects. The experimental techniques used are steady state and time-resolved absorption as well as emission spectroscopy with high spectral  and high time  resolution(sub-nm and fs to ms, respectively). In addition to molecular probes like organic dyes, lanthanide and actinide ions are major optical probes, in which my group has a long standing history. The luminescence of lanthanides (Ln) and actinides (An) is used for speciation in environmental and biosensing context (e.g., investigations in the context of repository safety for nuclear waste or in the development of novel immunoassays for clinical diagnostics). For biosensing and speciation frequency down- and upconversion approaches are applied, e.g., investigation of metal (Ln, An) incorporation in proteins or organisms such as algae (by frequency down conversion) and in the development of novel biosensing schemes using lanthanide-based frequency upconversion nanoparticles.

Photo: apl. Prof. Dr. M.U. Kumke
General research topics M.U. Kumke

Supervision and Teaching (by 1.3.2017)

First Supervisor in 22 PhD projects (nine currently running) and >40 diploma, master, and bachelor theses; Supervision of lab courses in the bachelor and master curricula; lectures on optical spectroscopy and environmental physical chemistry as well as in basic physical chemistry.

 Curriculum Vitae

1984 - 1990Studies in Chemistry (TU Braunschweig)
1994PhD in Physical Chemistry (TU Braunschweig)
2005Habilitation in Physical Chemistry (University of Potsdam)
Professional Career
1990 - 1993Research Associate (TU Braunschweig)
1994 - 1995Research Associate (Becton Dickinson and Duke University, Durham, USA)
1995 - 1998Research Associate (German Association of Gas and Water)
1998 - 2000Reseach Associate (Engler-Bunte-Institute, TH Karlsruhe)
since 2000Group Leader and Deputy Head Physical Chemistry (University of Potsdam)
2006 - 2011Privatdozent (University of Potsdam)
since 2011apl. Prof. Physical Chemistry (University of Potsdam)