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Switch from Pad.UP to OnlyOffice

Since the launch of the online real-time collaborative editor OnlyOffice in December 2022, we have received a lot of positive feedback. This semester, we are preparing for the full transition to OnlyOffice and the shutdown of Pad.UP.

Why is Pad.UP being shut down?

Pad.UP no longer meets the requirements of a modern collaborative editing service. The software is outdated and offers only very limited editing options. OnlyOffice, a modern service that supports up-to-date Office documents and is integrated with both Box.UP and Moodle, has been available since December 2022.

When will Pad.UP be shut down?

Pad.UP will be shut down at the end of WiSe 2023/24. As of SoSe 2024, Pad.UP will no longer be available for use.

Will Moodle.UP have a collaborative editor in the future?

Yes, the OnlyOffice integration has already been activated for Moodle.

Course instructors have the right to add and delete documents. Registered participants have write access to documents by default. These settings can be adjusted in each course under Course administration -> Settings -> More -> Rights.

Import export window in Etherpad

How do I backup my data in Pad.UP?

Each Etherpad has an import export button in the upper right corner. In the import export window you can choose from one of the different export formats and download the Etherpad.

Import export window in Etherpad