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Archive: News

Image: Thomas Roese

What You Believe

An Interview about the Relationship between Belief and Science
29. Jul 2014
What is belief? – Is it religion? Or is it a conviction that can get its orientation from other values? Prof. Johann Hafner, a professor of religious studies, and philosopher Prof. Hans-Peter Krüger have tried to define more ...
Image: Gilles Blanchard

Bit by Bit

Gilles Blanchard Uses Statistics for Machine Learning
22. Jul 2014
Not only people but also computers learn. Character and spam recognition are examples of how computer programs automatically learn to make predictions. Learning theory deals with the mathematical analysis of properties more ...
Image: Oliver Korup

Tales as Old as the Hills

Geoscientist Oliver Korup Explores Natural Hazards
15. Jul 2014
If earthquakes, landslides, floods and debris avalanches cannot be prevented, then people in the affected regions want to know at least how often such events might happen. Because these events are relatively rare but more ...
Picture: Karla Fritze

In the Course of Life

LifE-Longitudinal Study Records Living Conditions across Generational Borders
08. Jul 2014
There is something fascinating about chronicles: Like in fast motion, you can relate to events, how conditions and relationships have changed and the people along with them … An excellent example is the documentary “The more ...
Picture: Tonis Pan

Off to New Systems

Biologists from Potsdam Think about Biotechnological Applications
02. Jul 2014
Synthetic biology is among the latest technical developments in modern sciences. It has huge innovation potential and combines a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, like biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, more ...

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