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Archive: News

Mental Number Line

The role of finger counting and the significance of embodied cognition
28. May 2014
Is our brain a computer? A calculating machine? A processor of information with memory capacity problems? For a long time neuroscientists thought so. New theories say that knowledge is always connected with sensomotor more ...

Who Ate the Mouse?

Psycholinguists from Potsdam examine how the human brain processes language
20. May 2014
We can understand what we read and hear without any difficulty. We do this without ever really thinking about the high performance of our brain. It is the aim of psycholinguistics to examine the unconscious processes more ...
Source: Stieglitz, S. & Dang-Xuan, L. (2012): Social Media and Political Communication - A Social Media Analytics Framework. Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM)

Needles in a Haystack

Project Group: Analysis of Opinion-Forming on the Internet
12. May 2014
Social media have changed the world of public communication. Through applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, the opportunities for public communication have expanded, and individual and collective actors of more ...
Foto: Fabian Frenzel

Education or Voyeurism?

Potsdam geographers study what slum tourism changes in visitors and visited
05. May 2014
Museums and markets, animals and temples, picturesque landscapes and friendly people – these are the things that most people want to experience when travelling abroad. But what about poverty-stricken areas or even waste more ...

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