Physical Biochemistry - Our Team

Photo: Simone Brockmann

For all telephone numbers dial  +49-331-977-...

Complete all email addresses with


Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler    (B/0.07),  Tel.: -5240, email: seckler


Swetlana Kotlik    (B/0.08),  Tel. -5241, Fax: -5062, email: kotlik

Researchers, Postdocs and PhD students:

Dr. Nina Bröker (B/0.24), Tel. -5322, email: nina.broeker

Dr. Madlen Luckner (B/0.22), Tel. -5244, email: maluckner

Dr. Anja Thalhammer (B/0.09), Tel: -5267, email: thalhamm

Dr. Martin Wolff (B/0.24), Tel. -5243, email: martin.wolff

Tobias Irmscher  (B/0.24), Tel: -5244, email: tobias.irmscher

Patrick Knox-Brown (B/0.22), Tel. -5244, email: knoxbrown


Simone Brockmann  (A/0.10),  Tel.: -5335, email: sibrock

Jana Kramer  (A/0.09),  Tel.: -5335, email: jkramer

Mandy Schietke  (A/0.09),  Tel.: -5335, email: schietke

Anja Schüler  (A/0.11) (on leave), Tel.: -5335, email: schuela

Master students and student coworkers:

Tobias Rindfleisch (A/0.07), Tel.: -5318, email: rindflei