Welcome to the Physical Biochemistry lab at the University of Potsdam. Head of our department is Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler. Our team uses interdisciplinary approaches to quantitatively describe interactions and structure forming processes of biological macromolecules. Current research focuses on problems from microbial glycobiochemistry, on intrinsically disordered proteins and on the biochemistry of bacteriophage cell-entry processes. We study these systems on a molecular scale with diverse spectroscopy and protein biochemistry techniques.


Master "Modern aspects of biochemistry and analytics of carbohydrates"

In WS 2019/20 the course will take place as block course scheduled for spring 2020. Further information on the course organisation and topics can be found here.

Group meeting

Every Monday at 1 p.m. in seminar room 2.25 B 0.02. Guests are welcome!

Join our team

Please contact Dr. Stefanie Barbirz, Dr. Anja Thalhammer and Dr. Nina Bröker for more information.