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Courses offered in the summer semester 2019

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann

Berlin in British Fiction (MA seminar; Wed 12-14)

Multiple Modernities (MA seminar Tue 16-18)

Early Modern Utopias (BA seminar, Tue 12-14)

Dr. Stephan Mussil

The Making of Modern Subjectivity (MA seminar, Fri 12-14)

Shakespeare's Poetry (BA seminar, Thu 10-12)

Narrative Technique in British Short Stories (BA seminar, Thu 14-16)

Poetics from Sidney to Woolf (BA seminar, Fri 10-12)

Aileen Behrendt, M.A.

British Women Writers of the 1930s (Mon 14-16)

Abortion Narratives: A Literary and Cultural Study of Women's  Reproductive Rights (Tue 10-12)

The Golden Age of Television? (BA seminar, Tue 14-16)

Florian Schybilski, M.A.

Modernity as Salvation (BA seminar, Tue 10-12)

Stephanie Jürries, MA

From Austen to the Brontës: Female Agency in Women's Writing  (BA seminar, Tue 10-12-14)

PD Dr. habil. Heike Hartung

Narrating Loss (Block Seminar, MA level)