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How to apply

We look forward to your application and encourage you to contact Nicole Waller & Anja Schwarz early in the application process for an informal zoom meeting to help clarify any questions that you may have.


Your application (due 19 August 2024) should consist of

  • a cover page containing your name and contact information
  • a letter of motivation, including a statement of self-positioning in relation to Indigenous communities (1-2 pages)
  • your curriculum vitae
  • an outline of your proposed dissertation project including bibliography (3,500 words max., not counting the bibliography). In this outline, you should describe your proposed topic, its context, the material you want to study, your research questions and methodology, and relate these to the state of the art in the relevant field(s) as well as to our research project’s aim.
  • your proposed work and time schedule. Please provide a provisional work and time schedule covering a period of four years, in order to demonstrate the feasibility of your project and the likelihood of completing it within the funded period.
  • degree certificates and transcripts. Please include an explanation of the grade system used in the certificates/transcripts.

Please combine these documents into a single PDF file which should not exceed a size of 10 MB and direct your application to: niwalleruni-potsdamde

The University of Potsdam values the diversity of its community and pursues the goals of equal opportunity regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation and identity. Applications from abroad and from persons with a migration background are expressly encouraged. The university strives for a balanced gender ratio in all employment groups; in areas where women are underrepresented, women are given preference in case of equal suitability (Section 7 paragraph 4 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act). People with disabilities are given preferential consideration in case of equal suitability. In aptitude tests and selection interviews, individual compensation measures for disadvantages are granted, taking the specific disability into consideration. If a person with a disability would like to make use of individual compensation measures, please state this in the application letter.