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Department of Psychology

Research Methods in Human Sciences (Methodology of Psychology) Inter-Departmental Professorship

Research opportunities for students

Dear Student - are you on the lookout for a research project?

If so, then you should know that I am always looking to attract students - from psychology or from any related area - for collaboration who are interested in any of the topics or approaches of my research or in related topics. This may either be as part of the formal study requirements (e.g., B.A. or M.A. Thesis), or else beyond such formal requirements. For example, I offer minor projects for students who just took up their studies and who simply happen to be interested in experimental or modeling work.

I will generally provide the required research facilities, such as software and hardware, lab space, and access to human subject pools. The most valid predictor for success with such projects has in my experience been the level of the student's intellectual curiosity, rather than some particular technical or formal expertise. For example, a few of my students were fairly capable programmers who soon developed their own experimental and data analytical software tools, but the vast majority were not, and those generally got along very well, too.

So, if you are interested in student projects, don't hesitate to simply drop into my office, or feel free to contact me at any time.