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Dr. Javier Francisco



  • Die spanisch-amerikanische Jesuitenuniversität – transatlantische Verflechtungen und gesellschaftliche Verankerung (in the process of editing), Historamericana, forthcoming spring 2018. (eng. The Spanish-American Jesuit University – Transatlantic Entanglements and Social Impact).

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  • “‘Para convertir a los infieles’ – Asymmetries in the Global Circulation of Jesuit Personnel,” in: Delgado, Mariano (ed.), Studien zur christlichen Religions- und Kulturgeschichte, Stuttgart: forthcoming spring 2018.
  • “Das jesuitische ‘trojanische Pferd’ im transandinen Vizekönigreich Peru – sektorale Kooperation und Wettbewerb,” in: Elvert, Jürgen (ed.), Historische Mitteilungen der Ranke-Gesellschaft, Mainz: forthcoming 2018. (eng. The Jesuit ‘Trojan Horse’ in Transandine Viceroyalty of Peru – Sectoral Cooperation and Competition)
  • “Methodological Approach for the Sustainability Assessment of Development Cooperation Projects for Built Innovations Based on the SDGs and Life Cycle Thinking,” in: Sustainability Journal, vol.8/10 (2016) [with: Stephanie Maier (Fraunhofer Institut), Tabea Beck (Stuttgart) et al.]
  • “Africa’s long forgotten plague – Onchocercaochengi,” in: University Journal ‘Faktor 14’, vol.6, Tübingen: 2012.

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  • “Bottom-up Globalization: Social Negotiation Processes in the Americas at Micro-Level,” Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, forthcoming fall 2018. (in progress), [with: Carlos Pérez Ricart, Oxford].

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Rezensionen und Tagungsberichte

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Veröffentlichungen im Internet

  • India’s climate policy in the 21st century: chances and risks, 2012.
  • Light in the slums – for free, 2012.
  • Biogas made of wildflower meadows, 2012.
  • Pursuing new paths with green economy, 2012.
  • The next generation – World Student Environmental Summit, 2012.
  • Open-access: [all articles in German].

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  • “How Was the Inquisition Rooted in Early Modern Malta?” in: Hauser, Julia; Scheiner, Jens (eds.), Malta and the Mediterranean 2017. Calendar contribution to be found in month ‘May’. Berlin: 2016.

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