WS 2020/21

Prof. Hammer is on sabatical and will not offer classes. Classes offered by other members of the team:

SS 2020

Please sign up to classes in Moodle/PULS so we can contact you. As of now, all classes are scheduled to be held virtually only! If you have any questions, send the respective contact person an email.

  • Software Engineering II: MoodleLecture/Exercise
    Contact: Max Schlüter
  • Themen der sprachbasierten Sicherheit: Seminar, Project
    Contact: Gebrehiwet Welearegai
  • Research Seminar: Seminar, PULS
    Contact: Gebrehiwet Welearegai
  • Runtime Systems: Block-Lecture during semester break PULS
    Contact: Jyoti Prakash

    This block lecture is going to cover virtual machines and runtime systems that are nowadays the prime target for all kinds of programming in scientific enviroments like Python, Java, R. In order to understand the runtime behavior but also other important aspects like security, a better understanding of these runtime systems is required. The objectives of this course are thus:

    Study VM architectures and applications
    Study key implementation technologies
    Focus on architecture and microarchitecture aspects
    Cover significant case studies

    Topics covered include:

    Emulation: Interpretation and binary translation
    Process virtual machines
    Dynamic binary optimization
    High level language VMs
    Co-designed VMs
    System VMs
    Multiprocessor Virtualization

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